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The nude truth: Who was the actor who got off on Victoria Pedretti?

No woman escapes from sexual assault, Victoria Pedretti, the YOU star is currently reclaiming her body ownership. Unfortunately Pedretti went through a hard situation with a well known actor regarding her sexuality. As all good postmodern celeb, the star made a statement through an instagram post of a nude mirror selfie. 

The Instagram post caption was calling out an unidentified well known Hollywood star who once told Pedretti to have masturbated thinking about her. All this after telling her how much he admired and respected her as an actress, what a way to show respect right? Victoria Pedretti shared her story through Instagram yet the post was deleted for disturbing the community norms. 

As we mentioned, no women escapes sexual assault, yet, it’s important for public figures to make their cases visible. In fact, Pedretti mentioned that no matter how modest women are it still wouldn’t stop them from “being sexualized by creeps.” The actress explained how it was important for her to claim body ownership after these comments.

The Instagram Post 

“I love you. You’re mine” this is what the actress told her body on the instagram post. Honestly, it makes all sense for Pedretti to be claiming her body back since sexual assault makes people feel away from their body, even if comments are all we’re talking about. Nobody should disturb our relationship with our bodies, not even through comments of desire. 

Something we should learn about consent as a society, is the fact that it’s not only body contact we should ask for permission to interact with. Expressing comments of desire should also be consented, otherwise that can be completely violent, out of place and uncomfortable. Also, men in the industry, both actors & directors need to really start facing consequences. 

This time Pedretti didn’t externalize the name of the actor who made those comments, but things can change. It’s really hard to come out with an accusation, especially when you’re a woman in a male industry, so we shouldn’t put that weight over the victims. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of power in pointing out names. 

It’s still not clear if Victoria Pedretti deleted the post herself or it was instagram to do so since it was a nude photograph. Nevertheless, her two million followers have shown the actress their real respect and support. Anyway, there’s no way to really delete a controversial picture in the twenty-first century, especially when you’re a public figure. 

#Me Too 

Some time has gone by since the MeToo movement popped, yet, this particular case shows how necessary it was and still is! It’s a man’s man’s world, and women have to fight not only for getting a worthy place in the world, but a non violent one! Structurally, women’s bodies are figured as an object destined to male pleasure and that’s something we need to change. 

While some feminists punish nudity and owning sexuality & erotism, it’s something super powerful for women to do and necessary. Most erotic representations of women are created under a male gaze. For this reason it’s quite important for women to reclaim the power over their pleasure and their bodily representation.

Will this incident with Victoria Pedretti bring a new wave of Hollywood actresses pointing out at their abuses by powerful men? Hopefully! 

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