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Penn Badgley terrified us with his haunting role as Joe in the TV show 'You'. Find out when season three will finally arrive on Netflix here.

‘You’: When is the Netflix TV show returning for season 3?

Netflix’s blockbuster TV show, You, takes the cake when it comes to psychological thrillers and creepy stalker dudes. With two intense seasons aired & devoured, fans await the third installment eagerly. 

You managed to glue us to the edge of our seats throughout its unpredictable plot full of twists & turns. However, life seems to be just as unprecedented with the ongoing worldwide pandemic which has led to ceasing & halting of various professional sectors including the filming crew of the hit TV show. 

So, will there be a season 3 of the Netflix TV show, You? Here are the details!


Penn Badgley’s stalker skills get an upgrade from his Gossip Girl days with Netflix’s You. The premise of You revolves around protagonist Joe Goldberg, a problematic & obsessive man who ends up becoming a murderer with a strange turn of events accompanying a series of bad decisions. 

Despite his toxic, sociopathic behaviour, fans find Badgley’s character in You very charismatic – adding to the multitude of reasons for the success of the TV show. 

Production update

While Netflix renewed the TV show for a third season at the beginning of last year, filming didn’t begin till November 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. Netflix confirmed that the filming for You season 3 has resumed after a long wait late last year with the following tweet:

The tweet also revealed a masked Penn Badgley with “Hello You” written on the mask.

The first season of You premiered in 2018 with the second season following closely behind in 2019. Season 3 of You was supposed to be filmed & released in 2020, but with new changes in the filming & post-production schedule, mid to late 2021 release seems to be in the books for the suspenseful TV show. 

Release date

Adding to the initial delay, the filming was halted for a second time in December before resuming again in February 2021. Given the original five-month filming schedule according to sources, netizens speculate the psychological TV show might wrap up in or around May 2021.

We believe a fall release sounds reasonable for You and even goes with the darker themes of the TV show – You definitely makes for a great autumnal watch.

Anticipation is at an all time high since the second season ended with a lot more questions than it began with. Fans eagerly hope to watch the third season of You before 2021 ends with no more unexpected delays. 

What can we expect in season 3?

Following the shell-shocking climax of You season 2 consisting of Joe Goldberg finding his perfect match in Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), Quinn being pregnant with Golberg’s child, and the pair moving into a house together – there was a lot unsaid.

In season 3, we suspect how the couple will take care of their baby while part-time killing people considering their past with homicidal tendencies. Although we’re not sure about the exact details, Bagley also hinted that Love Quinn might’ve some behavioral changes. Till season 3 of You drops, anticipated viewers can satiate their thirst for knowledge by delving into the various fan theories found online.

So far, only Penn Badgley & Victoria Pedretti have been the confirmed cast for the show but seemingly, there might be a possibility for Jenna Ortega to return as Ellie Alves from season 2. Jenna Ortega mentioned to Insider in an interview, “I don’t think her [Alves] storyline has fully run its course and I say this because the writers have been so brilliant in the way that they left so many possibilities open.”

In October 2020, it was announced that Badgley & Pedretti would be joined by two new characters in the upcoming third season of You. However, there has been no official announcement revealing the new cast members of the Netflix TV show.

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