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3 Instagram Tools You NEED Right Now (2023 Updated)

Picture this. You’re scrolling through Instagram. You see stunning images, eye-catching reels, and jaw-dropping IGTV videos. But what if you could do more than just double-tap? What if you could save those gems, analyze your competitors, and level up your Instagram game? What if you could download the posts that you love and study them? What if you could take the top performing Instagram pages and put their profile picture under a zoom lens and find out what they’re doing differently? 

Here are 3 tools that will help you do exactly that!

Download Instagram Posts, Reels, and Videos

Alright, how do you download Instagram videos and posts that you love as quickly and easily as possible? Here’s how – 

First, you’ll need to navigate to Famium’s Instagram Downloader tool

Next, you’ll input the username of any profile you wish and hit search. 

And that’s it. Within seconds all the posts of this profile will show up on your screen, and you can click the download button on any post and save it to your device. 

Yes, it’s that easy. And no – you do not need to sign-up!

Download Instagram Profile Pictures

Alright, what about profile pictures? What if you could download Instagram profile pictures in just one click? What if we could have access to high-quality profile photos of any profile we want, and have the ability to study them?

Well, that’s doable too, and here is how. 

Navigate to Famium’s Instagram profile picture downloader

Enter the username of any profile you wish and hit search. And voila, within seconds the profile picture of the profile is available in high detail and definition. Tap the download button to save it to your device!

Analyze Instagram Profiles

Now, what if you wanted to do more? What if we wanted to analyze a profile on Instagram? Perhaps we want to look up a competitor. Or maybe we want to see how we can improve our own Instagram page? Well, there is a tool for that too!

Head over to Famium’s Instagram engagement rate calculator. Enter your (or your competitor’s) Instagram username and hit analyze. 

Within seconds you’ll be provided with in-depth data about the profile. Everything from engagement ratio to what they’re doing that’s making their posts go viral will be generated with the help of AI. 

Pretty sweet, isn’t it? 


And there you have it! Three unbeatable Instagram tools that can help you up your Instagram game. And the best part? They’re all 100% free!

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