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Will the rapper be making a cameo in Netflix's season 4 of 'You'? Fans sure hope so after her interaction with actor Penn Badgley. See all the details here!

Will Cardi B join Penn Badgley in Netflix’s ‘You’ season 4?

The latest season of You is off to a great start. We’re seeing our favorite wicked characters interact once again, and introduce even more ominous plotlines as well. It’s both terrifying and wonderful to witness the highs & lows of Joe & Love’s “relationship”.

Could “WAP” rapper Cardi B become part of all of that mayhem? Apparently, she’s more than ready to join the show’s cast. Let’s go over You, season 4, and how exactly the “Bodak Yellow” rapper wants to get involved.

Spoilers ahead!

All about You

Netflix’s You is based on a thriller novel by Caroline Kepnes. Originally airing on the Lifetime channel, this show followed Joe Goldberg, a manager of a bookstore with a hidden dark side: he’s a serial killer. He meets Guinevere Beck, a wannabe writer, and is instantly smitten by her.

As a result, he pursues her relentlessly through all means possible, monitoring her in every creepy way. In order to get closer to her, he murders her boyfriend, steals her things, stalks her, and goes after her friends. This is not, to say it lightly, a good guy.

That covers the first season, anyway. In season 2, Goldberg moves across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, to start a new life. He meets another woman there, chef Love Quinn, and continues his old, obsessive ways. This includes befriending a teenage neighbor, getting close to Quinn’s twin, locking a man in a glass cage, and basically everything he did in the first season, too. Yikes!

This isn’t even looking at Quinn’s sins as well. In the final episode of season two, she admits she knows about Joe’s past and says she murdered multiple people. It’s a match made in hell, and the two of them get together, blaming others for their murders.

The latest season of You

In season 3, Goldberg & Quinn are married and have a young son, Henry. They live at Madre Linda, a fictional town in California. Though this should by all accounts be a happy, satisfying life, Goldberg falls into old patterns. He obsesses over the next-door neighbor, Natalie, and starts stalking her. Quinn does everything she can to stop him from wrecking her perfect family, including killing Natalie.

The drama amps up when Henry gets measles: one of their neighbors, Bill, admits to being an anti-vaxxer, and Quinn gets so enraged she hits him across the head and kidnaps him. Goldberg & Quinn blame Natalie’s murder on Bill. However, Natalie’s husband, Matthew, is still suspicious, and he’s on the hunt for the real killer.

Goldberg, while working at the library, starts to obsess over another girl, Marienne, a divorcee who has an abusive ex named Ryan. Goldberg tries to convince her that Ryan is unfit as a father (Ryan has full custody of the children) but fails, and Ryan tells him not to get close to Marienne.


However, Goldberg can’t be stopped. He gets closer to Marienne, telling her he’s leaving Quinn (a lie). Meanwhile, Quinn gets close to Matthew’s son, Theo, and learns from the boy that his father suspects Quinn & Goldberg of murdering his wife. Quinn asks Theo to delete any suspicious footage.

In the end, Goldberg & Quinn try a polyamorous relationship, but all this results in is more people who hear about their murders and get locked in the glass cage. In the end, Quinn paralyzes Goldberg and tells Marienne to stay away because of how Goldberg’s obsession destroys people. Thus ends season 3. We can’t even begin to imagine what sort of chaos will ensue in season 4.

Cardi B’s pitch

Cardi B first caught the attention of Netflix early on, as shown in the official account’s Twitter bio: “Petition to get Cardi B to guest star in Season 4 of You.”

The rapper responded to this by tweeting the following with a picture of the bio: “So it’s episode 1 and I’m at Paris Fashion week shutting it down! I turn around and there stands You Ok finish it off @netflix[.]”

Netflix’s Twitter responded by showing Cardi B lyrics (“Tie me up like I’m surprised,” “Let’s role-play, I wear a disguise,” & “I want you to park that big glass cage, right in this little garage”) with appropriate images from the show.

Well, each party definitely has wooed each other. Whether Cardi B becomes part of the You cast in season 4 remains to be seen. However, we’re excited to see how this develops.

What do you think of Netflix’s You? Do you want to see Cardi B as part of the cast in season 4? Let us know in the comments!

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