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What are some of the most iconic movie shootouts in the history of cinema? Gear up with these truly top tier choices.

The Most Iconic Movie Shootouts Created In Cinema History

If there is one thing that most movie lovers long for, it’s a thrilling action scene packed with car chases, fighting, replica guns, explosions and even the long-waited defeat of the movie villain. 

With huge advancements in technology over the years, nothing compares to the quality and experience of action scenes in movies today. From SFX teams developing realistic wounds, to the new and impressive fighting strategies, the true vision of feeling like you are there is like no other. Here are just a few of the most iconic action scenes to immerse yourself into. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier iconic highway fight

A list of great action scenes would not be right without mentioning this exemplary piece of screen work. Captain America films never fail to disappoint, and the highway fight scene in Winter Soldier is definitely no exception. As one of the best movie shootouts known to man, the fight scene was one to keep viewers in suspense. 

With an enhanced super soldier and the team of gunmen taking a fresh take on traditional Hollywood action, the scene is truly memorable. With heart-pounding moments as each character shows off their individual skills during the scene, it really is an unforgettable fight in movie history. 

The Matrix: the thrilling lobby shootout

Known to be one of the most iconic action scenes in movie history, the 1999 classic The Matrix is full of brilliant plot twists, interesting characters and thrilling action scenes. As it marked the beginning of iconic slow-motion action scenes, Keanu Reeves is now known as the master in such thrilling scenes. 

Taken place in a virtual reality world, the directors of the movie used the film’s VR context to jam pack this action scene with as much absurdity as possible, fully enticing its watchers. The lobby shootout was tastefully shot in slow motion, as viewers are delighted by the precise aim of the highly skilled main character, his action scene is one to remember.

John Wick: The red circle club’s action packed shootout

Keanu Reeves broadcasted his speciality in action scenes once again in John Wicks red circle club shootout. Before shooting the thrilling scene, Reeves undertook specialised gun training to make his action-packed display one of the best to this day. 

The scene makes great use of replica guns combined with swift martial arts to create a graceful yet exciting show. With replica guns including firearms such as the SIG-Sauer P320, the TTI STI 2011 Combat Master, and the Remington 1875, the shootout tops any action scenes and is still to this day a favourite among movie lovers. 

There have been many gun replicas in movies, such as in John Wick, that have been created on behalf of famous action scenes, such as the Tokyo Marui TM 416 D so airsoft fans can get a true feel of the thrilling weapon that Reeves used in the film. 

Django Unchained: The jaw dropping candyland shootout

No film producer can create more of an iconic shootout than Tarantino himself and his famous action movies. Django Unchained is just one that holds a memorable action scene in the candyland shootout which is certainly one to go down in history. 

The classic western style movie follows a strong narrative with a range of replica shotguns and rifles to finish off the moving scenes. As one of Tarantino’s most brutal action scenes, the shootout in the movie known as the ‘candyland shootout’ entails many fights to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and is definitely one to add to your list of action packed movies.

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