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Gather your very own fantastic four and raise your Infinity Gauntlet to the Marvel mastermind, Stan Lee, who has passed away aged 95.

2018 has proven to be a divisive year. Socially, politically, and within the barb-slinging Wild West of the internet, everything seems to be defined by bold disparate opinions,

To mark the ten-year anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its bright future ahead, we’re taking a look at the twenty movies that make up the cinematic

It’s coming up to the MCU’s tenth anniversary, and while you might think of film festivals as safe havens for cinephiles to go and experience the best in

With Hulu recently allowing for S1 of 'Runaways' to be aired on Freeform (following the finale of 'Cloak & Dagger'’s first season), it was enough to give fans

Marvel has a lot to answer for, ladies and gentlemen. As well as inspiring just about every “franchise” movie to throw in an obligatory post-credits sequence, now every

Stay hyped – here’s everything we know about the next movie from the web-slinging canon, 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'.

Since the release of James DeMonaco’s first film in 2013, 'The Purge' film franchise has been accused of lacking subtlety or genuine scares, of violently exploiting real world

With news of a standalone 'Black Widow' film heating up again, we thought we’d take a look at all of the fierce female characters of MCU who we