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Is Tom Holland leaving the 'Spider-Man' franchise after 'No Way Home'? See how fans are reacting to some of the actor's comments.

Is Tom Holland leaving the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise?

Tom Holland, for years, has been front & center as the MCU Spider-Man. With Spider-Man: No Way Home on the horizon for release, fans are wondering if the film will be the absolute final one in the franchise. Will we continue to see him play the role in future films in the MCU? Well, Tom Holland, in an interview, said that No Way Home is the conclusion to the “Homecoming” trilogy of Spider-Man films.

Which, well, is fine, right? It doesn’t mean that we won’t see Tom Holland suit up as Spidey again, but it could just be in team-up movies or whatever. But what do people online think about these comments? Do they think that this is Tom Holland saying that he’s leaving the role of Spider-Man? Let’s take a look.


The possibilities are endless

Fair. There could be other MCU movies or TV shows he could appear in. Holland could have another Spider-Man film series that doesn’t end in Home. Or, you know, Miles Morales will show up in live-action.



But let’s be real, he may not want to deal with gatekeepers anymore.



Tom Holland was a great Spider-Man??? Don’t front.



Is he spoiling things? The joke is dead, Daniel.



Meanwhile, Tom Hardy has us distracted from Tom Holland.


He’s a very good Spidey

Mostly, Holland has nailed the difficult balance of nerd Peter and wisecracking Spidey with some nice innocence & naivete thrown in.



Is this going to end like Quantum Leap or something? 



We’re willing to bet this is how it will go.



Pour one out for Andrew Garfield.


Sorry not sorry

Our friends & family want us to shut up already about Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

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