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After being exposed as a recruiter for underage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell will soon face the consequences. Find out what's happened to her now.

Verdict revealed: What’s happened to Ghislaine Maxwell now?

Money mogul & convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, was known for his illicit conduct with underage girls. Now his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been revealed to be an offender herself and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

A few days ago, sixty-year-old Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty in a federal criminal court in New York for sex trafficking crimes involving minors & the social elite. But what’s happened to Ghislaine Maxwell? And what awaits her future?

The British socialite & accomplice

Ghislaine Maxwell was accused of recruiting girls and participating in sexual abuse alongside financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend & partner in crime, making the British socialite an accomplice to many severe crimes.  

Maxwell’s trial started on November 29th, where she denied all allegations against her. However, testimonies throughout the trial from Epstein’s employees & victims described Maxwell as an intrinsic part of Epstein’s life. She was considered second in command in terms of power & control. She was often referred to as “the woman of the house.” 

Maxwell was an elite socialite and introduced Epstein to high-profile celebrities like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump & Prince Andrew. She coerced and sex trafficked teenage girls worldwide for the famous & wealthy.

Maxwell groomed the young girls about Epstein’s “sexual preferences” and often witnessed the abuse in the same room. In 2019, Epstein was found dead in prison after being convicted for sex trafficking of minors. His death was ruled a suicide.

Politicians, the rich, and royal men.

During the trial, four accusers gave testimonies about experiences with Maxwell & Epstein that occurred within their adolescent years. The women who testified were Jane, Kate, Carolyn & Annie Farmer. The majority of women went by pseudo names to protect their identity except for Annie Farmer. 

The women gave compelling accounts of Maxwell’s guilt. Jane said she was just fourteen years old when the couple approached her at a summer camp for the arts in Michigan. The abuse carried on until she turned sixteen years old where witnesses had often seen Jane on Epstein’s private plane. 

According to NPR, one of the victims, Virginia Giuffre, said she was seventeen years old when Epstein & Maxwell started to fly her around the world to have sex with high profile politicians and men from similarly elite circles.

NPR states, “In a May 2016 deposition, she said Maxwell ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, among others. Andrew has publicly denied the accusations, and a spokesperson for Richardson told NPR that “the charges are completely false.” 

As victims of Epstein come forth seeking justice, what’s happened to Ghislaine Maxwell, and when she be sentenced?

“The lady of the house”

Much of the evidence against Maxwell came from former employees of Epstein who worked in his home or during travel pursuits. Many of them witnessed young women in the presence of Epstein & Maxwell together. 

Juan Alessi, a former house manager & chauffeur at Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, took the stand. Alessi described Maxwell as “the lady of the house,” she called the shots in the house and was with Epstein ninety-five percent of the time. 

In an interview with the Guardian, Dave Aronberg, a County Attorney in Palm Beach County, said Maxwell was the trusting face Epstein used to lure young girls into sexual abuse.

Aronberg said, “If it had been just him, trolling around the streets as ‘a creepy middle-aged guy’ who drove up to them in his car and asked them to come with him ‘they would have told him where to go’, but he had Maxwell to operate for him.”

Multiple accounts paint Maxwell actively luring young girls to their abuser and participating in delegating the trauma. So what’s happened to Ghislaine Maxwell now that there’s heavy evidence against her.

What happens to Chislaine Maxwell now?

Earlier this week, the jury deliberated for about forty hours over six days and gave a guilty verdict for five out of six charges. Maxwell faces up to sixty-five years in prison, spending the rest of her life behind bars. 

Maxwell‘s legal team plans to appeal the guilty verdict but still faces two charges of perjury, accused of lying under oath in 2016 during a civil lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre. What’s happened to Ghislaine Maxwell now is that she will await another trial to address her perjury accusations as well as her sentencing date. 

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  • Where were the parents of all of these ‘underage girls ? What happened to their duty of care, and why was no effort made to bring them home. Why was this allowed to continue without authorities intervening. The so called parents should be held accountable. Why is virginia guiffre specifically targetting prince andrew, ? What of the other alleged abusers , or is it because he is the most high profile. Is virginia saying that she was a virgin and or not interested in having sex at all ? Being a seventeen year old, and flown around the world in luxury would have appeal to many. Why now, why is she speaking out now. I smell a big money and notoriety rat .

    January 2, 2022
  • Is this Ghislaine brother? Lol!

    June 2, 2022

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