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Is Bill clinton's presidential reputation any more on the line now after being mentioned in the Epstein list? Look what we found.

Is there reason to believe we will never see the return of Ghislaine Maxwell? Let's take a closer look at the Epstein list.

Who has the most at stake now that the Epstein list is out, and who has already lost? Let's take a closer look.

Conspiracy theorists jumped on the idea celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres were secretly behind a Wayfair sex trafficking ring to boost their net worth.

After an article alleged PornHub of sex trafficking and child porn, two top execs of the site’s parent company resigned. Uncover the MindGeek scandal now.

In order to prevent further deterioration to the royal family, Prince Andrew has used his (and his mother’s) vast net worth to silence his accuser.

In her first interview since their split, Melinda Gates finally disclosed why she divorced Bill Gates. His relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is revealed.

Although a settlement may have been reached, Prince Andrew's public image is forever tarnished. See these pictures of the duke that ruined his reputation.

As Prince Andrew falls deeper into public shame, could these pictures seal the deal? Is the Duke of York actually guilty of sex trafficking crimes?