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It seems like it’s the witnesses but do you think there’s another reason R Kelly is refusing to testify against his charges? Learn some chilling details.

Is R Kelly actually going to be held accountable this time? Dive into the history of his alleged sexual abuse and the sex trafficking charges against him.

Are the TikTok famous stories about Target as a sex trafficking a hoax? Learn more about the reality behind these stories.

Jeffrey Epstein had already been arrested for his sex crimes once before. What took prosecutors so long to open a second case?

Ghislaine Maxwell went to great lengths to separate herself from Jeffrey Epstein after being convicted as a sex offender.

Could Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have been partners in the sex trafficking ring? Find out why the lawsuit alleging so is being delayed.

Are the QAnon posts and protests helping or hurting efforts to stop sex trafficking? Discover what #SaveOurChildren is about.

What is going on with the NXIVM-like sex cult at Sarah Lawrence? Discover how it could have happened and where leader Larry Ray is now.

Months after Epstein mysteriously died in his jail cell, the Lolita Express was decommissioned and stripped of its engines. What does it look like inside?