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Conspiracy theorists jumped on the idea celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres were secretly behind a Wayfair sex trafficking ring to boost their net worth.

Ellen DeGeneres’s net worth: The Wayfair child trafficking conspiracy

When we scoured through the highly overpriced Wayfair furniture rumored to contain missing children, we noticed an odd similarity. Ellen DeGeneres’s name was on the vast majority of “furniture” that mysteriously popped up on Wayfair’s site. Ellen DeGeneres sells furniture on Wayfair like a number of celebrities to boost her net worth. 

Usually, Ellen DeGeneres’s Wayfair line is affordable for the average Karen to buy an Ellen-branded coffee table. Yet, these seemingly innocuous furniture listings featured furniture for upwards of ten thousand dollars. We all know Wayfair is hardly Saks Fifth Avenue, so prices that high for random, cheap filing cabinets are outrageous.

However, there was a tragic side to the five-digit furniture that appeared on Wayfair: each item was named after a missing child, believed to be sex trafficked. Conspiracy theorists jumped on the theory that rich & powerful celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres were secretly behind a sex trafficking ring to bolster their net worth into the billions. 

What’s going on here? Is there any credence to the Wayfair story circulating the internet as we speak? Are celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres involved and are they trying to boost their net worth by more nefarious means than selling table runners? Let’s take a look.

Every celebrity is a sex trafficker?  

The charge that every member of the elite is a pedophile isn’t new. Pizzagate, the 2016 election conspiracy that the Clintons ran a sex trafficking ring out of a pizza shop’s basement captured headlines last year. But that doesn’t explain how talk show host, actress, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres and her net worth got thrown in, now. 

Spurred by real stories of people with hefty net worths abusing minors, like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, the conspiracy stories have a new life on the internet. But now it has to do with some outrageously priced throw pillows from Ellen DeGeneres’s home goods line, and how they could be increasing her net worth a little too much. 

Very expensive cabinets

The story starts with some industrial cabinets on Wayfair that cost as much as a college degree. A Reddit user noticed them and pointed out they were named after missing teenagers. Soon, a conspiracy theory launched that Wayfair, and suppliers like Ellen DeGeneres, were selling these missing girls and covering it up with cabinets. 

Wayfair released a statement the day after the story went viral, claiming that the cabinets were industrial-grade, which is why they were priced so high. However, they were taking down the cabinets until they could re-name them and clarify the high price. Ellen DeGeneres didn’t do the same with her products, apparently.

Ellen’s throw pillows

As a seller on Wayfair, Ellen DeGeneres’s products are there for the world to see. The day after Wayfair brought their prices down, Ellen still had some merchandise – throw pillows specifically – that were selling on Wayfair for over $10,000. They started to drop once Twitter users noted the prices weren’t lowering.

How could this have happened? 

From people who’ve worked in eCommerce, adding products to sites is an inside job. An employee adds a name, product description, price, image, etc. to a web page using a third-party platform. Ellen DeGeneres’s products would be no different, as sellers’ products are added by the site’s staff, not the seller’s.

Could this have been an inside job in Wayfair, or could this have been the work of a disgruntled employee? There are other factors surrounding the rumors, including Ellen DeGeneres’s net worth after her show is possibly about to be canceled

Ellen’s canceled show

The suspect throw pillows and Wayfair conspiracy is happening at the same time Ellen DeGeneres is facing criticism. Her show may be getting canceled surrounding accounts from staff that she’s rude. More rumors are circulating that Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, could be splitting. 

Compounded by gaffes comparing her $30 million home to prison during quarantine, Ellen is having a bad time. If the above is true, all these factors could put a huge dent in Ellen DeGeneres’s net worth. Maybe she’ll need to sell $10,000 throw pillows to keep her income rolling in.

Ellen DeGeneres has been in the spotlight and not for good reasons. Check out our article discussing The Ellen DeGeneres Show workplace harassment investigation!

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  • All this is true, Open your eyes America!!! All your Hollywood starts are satanic criminals. Stop watching TV and being part of this for God Sake, it’s about time.

    July 19, 2020

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