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Hey, have you heard? Ellen DeGeneres is mean. Here are all of the best Ellen DeGeneres memes that are way funnier than she is.

Ellen DeGeneres is “mean”: These memes about it are funny AF

Hey, have you heard? Ellen DeGeneres is mean. Receipts have been piling in revealing that Ellen has a record of being impressively mean to countless guests on her show and even many of her former employees. 

Because everyone has reached an overwhelming consensus that Ellen is mean, rumors have been circulating that The Ellen DeGeneres Show might be canceled. We sincerely hope that this is true. We can’t take any more of Ellen’s ill-humored interviews & cruel jokes. 

Luckily, the internet is on our side, providing us with a swarm of memes delivering jabs at the washed-up Ellen, the mean talk-show-host. Here are all of the best Ellen DeGeneres memes that are way funnier than she is. 

Me on Ellen: flooding

These “me on ellen” memes are hilarious. Isn’t it the funniest thing in the world to take one little fact you’ve heard about someone and turn it into a terrible prank? No, Ellen – it’s really not. Just because we like the ocean doesn’t mean we want to drown in it. 

Me on Ellen: mama mia

Gotta love Ellen’s way of exposing personal secrets and making it the butt of her joke. Oh, and she got in a pop culture reference? Nice one, Ellen. Can’t wait for you to embarrass us on public television. 

Golden stroller gift

Don’t lie, Ellen! Clearly both you & Trump stand for ridiculously boogie baby shower gifts. Clearly both you & Trump love your tremendous wealth and love to spend it on useless things. Get real. 

Me on Ellen: cat lady shame

This is totally a joke Ellen has made before. If you like cats you must be a lonely spinster, bound to wind up all alone. So overused and pointlessly mean. 

#RIPEllen lookalike

If you haven’t seen these #RIPEllen posts, you’re seriously missing out. While we’re happy Ellen is alive & well, of course, we certainly hope her career fizzles out. Oh, and these lookalikes are spot on.

Got nudes? 

What’s worse than having your nude pictures leaked – your privacy violated? Oh, maybe when the photos are put on a big screen in front of a live audience and broadcast on TV. Is Ellen really that desperate for material? Newsflash: cruel isn’t funny. 

Mansions aren’t prison

Yeah, clearly you’re suffering Ellen. Does she even have a remote grasp on reality? Sheesh. Way to be tone-deaf. 

Dakota having none of it

Ellen has consistently pushed Dakota’s buttons on her show. No wonder Dakota looks like she’s struggling to hold back her anger. Next time Ellen asks: “Why wasn’t I invited to your birthday party?” Everyone just needs to say, “Because you suck, Ellen!” 

Dakota’s revenge

We couldn’t help but include a meme marveling at Dakota’s total call-out. Ellen just got what was coming to her on live TV. Take that, mean Ellen!

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  • She.s laughing. All the way to the bank……man I saw that along time ago. Sarcastic. Humor. ….if u look at her while shes talking to someone. Like she cant bothered. U can see thru it. She cuts u off….the pretending to care is bull shit. all Money. And she.s taking it in
    ….its all gone to her head… in control your not……well bye bye………she.s fake

    July 16, 2020
  • I believe she is mean, some people think they are wonderful as a celebrity, she’s fooling herself. I don’t care if she is cancelled, I don’t watch her anyway it’s a boring show .

    July 16, 2020
  • I like Ellen and the show. What’s the big deal about Dakota saying she was invited. (that’s no story)

    July 17, 2020

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