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Do you believe Ellen DeGeneres is 'mean'? Here are all the most hilarious memes about Ellen DeGeneres and her show.

Ellen Degeneres is “mean”: The most hilarious memes about her

We’ve covered why celebrities say Ellen DeGeneres is mean, we’ve covered why people who have met her or worked with her say she’s mean, and we’ve even covered the fact her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has seen a dip in viewership recently.

So, now that we have all of this background knowledge we figured we should look for the best memes on the subject. After all, that’s what the internet does – it makes jokes about everything.

Mansion vs prison

Rumor has it, the infinity pool at Riker’s is actually bigger than Ellen DeGeneres’s . . . 😒

Leaked and looking

We guess she thought it was okay because it was a paparazzi picture and not an image a hacker grabbed from Bieber’s phone? It still definitely wasn’t.


Never in a million years would this have crossed our minds – but dang it’s true.

Dakota Johnson isn’t having it

Dakota Johnson wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself when DeGeneres tried to guilt-trip Johnson the last time they did an interview – this meme encapsulates the energy of the encounter perfectly.

Low hanging fruit

Not only is the boomer energy strong with this one, but the joke is so uncreative and overdone it’s a little embarrassing she’s a top paid comedian.

They’re a little confused

(In case you’re still not sure who that is, it’s P!nk.)

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