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Ellen DeGeneres made the ludicrous comment her home felt like a prison during lockdown. Here are all the swanky amenities in her current house.

Ellen DeGeneres’s house is far from a prison: How she spends her money

During the height of lockdown in April, Ellen DeGeneres made the ludicrous and unfortunate statement that she felt like she was in prison. Let’s just say, if we ever get locked up, we hope it’s in a place like DeGeneres’s current multi-million dollar estate. 

Besides being able to afford amenities that your average inmate can only dream of, Ellen DeGeneres flips houses. She buys fixer-upper mansions, adds a bunch of fun flair, and sells them for new owners to enjoy. Of course, profit is also involved. 

A far cry from your typical three hots and a cot, here are all the fun things one can do at Ellen DeGeneres’s current mansion. 

The amenities, including the pool

Because what Hollywood estate doesn’t have a pool? In Ellen DeGeneres’s main house in Beverly Hills, there is an above-ground infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean from a grassy lawn. Besides the spectacular view, the pool is perfect for swimming laps in the beautiful Southern California weather.

The grounds are also beautiful, featuring gardens, contemporary sculpture, and walkways that should make owner Ellen DeGeneres feel like she’s on vacation 24/7. Also included are a separate guest house and an exercise room with a tropical view.

5-bed, 10-bath Bali-Lux 

What the what, you say? A Bali-Lux home is a South Pacific style mansion that’s made to look like you’ve stepped into a vacation resort in Bali. The design makes use of black limestone, dark oak flooring, wooden ceilings, and open entrances. 

Not to mention, the master suite comes with a room-size walk-in closet. This is where Ellen DeGeneres keeps her blazers and sneakers, and she has a ton of them! If our abode had a closet that looked like a high-end store, we’d have fashion shows for days! 

Let’s not forget the master bathroom. Ellen DeGeneres’ bathroom is the size of your typical bedroom, has two sinks so spaciously apart, two people could practice social distancing while using them at the same time. It also has stunning views without sacrificing privacy.

The chef’s kitchen

Imagine having a large kitchen with any appliance you can imagine, a breakfast nook, a coffee station, and that exquisite lighting and view the whole open floor-plan of the house gives. If we were stuck in Ellen DeGeneres’ house with her kitchen, we’d make all the bread and quarantine snacks money can buy! 

Ellen DeGeneres has a shelf of cookbooks, and a clear-pane fridge. If we were stuck here, we’d be making cooking TikToks until the end of time.

The cozy library den

While most of Ellen DeGeneres’ home features an open floor plan, she has a cozy nook of a room with squishy couches and not one, but two walls of books. Not shelves, floor-to-ceiling walls of books! 

If we weren’t cooking in the kitchen, we’d be planted in those comfy cushions with our noses in a book. Ellen DeGeneres can feel like she’s in prison all she wants – this is paradise!

Indoor/Outdoor patio

Thanks to the open floor plan, most of the space in Ellen DeGeneres’ home transitions from inside to outside seamlessly. Their patio areas also come with seating areas around fireplaces, perfect for roasting s’mores or telling juicy ghost stories. Prison? More like an expensive summer camp. 

The fixer-upper

In addition to her Bali style mansion, Ellen DeGeneres currently owns a fixer-upper mansion. She purchased the Tudor-style home for $3.1 million and plans on selling it for over $6 million. With the German latticework on the house, in the middle of a forest, it looks like something out of a fairy tale.

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  • Ellen said “in prison “ in a sarcastic, funny way. People saw too much of her private life and it’s generated jealousy. She is a good person that has worked hard.

    July 14, 2020

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