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Ellen in exile? Quite the opposite. Why Ellen DeGeneres purchased her old home back after announcing the end of her daytime talk show.

Ellen DeGeneres announced that 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' will end with season 19 in 2022. Learn everything about this announcement.

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Rumors are running wild that Ellen DeGeneres' wife Portia de Rossi is ready to dump her. What's the controversy this time?

Ellen DeGeneres net worth may have taken a big hit from this summer's toxic workplace scandal. Is she really going broke?

Ellen DeGeneres is selling another home. Here's a look inside the newly for sale house as well as her house flipping hobby.

Ellen DeGeneres has been watching her show's ratings plummet lately. Here's why, as well as some rumors about her wife.

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres had a relationship before her wife Portia de Rossi? Read about Anne Heche and their relationship together.