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Rumors are running wild that Ellen DeGeneres' wife Portia de Rossi is ready to dump her. What's the controversy this time?

Is Ellen DeGeneres’s wife ready to ditch her? Inside the rumors

They’ve been through many highs & lows together, including the fire The Ellen DeGeneres Show underwent in recently. They say that stressful situations bring people closer together.

Through all the trying times, is Ellen DeGeneres’s wife ready to call it quits with the comedian? Reports state the controversial talk show host was begging her wife of thirteen years for a second chance. Let’s take a look at the rumors.

Marriage on the rocks

Last August, a headline from the Globe stated the following: “Monster Ellen’s Marriage On The Rocks!”

The tabloid claimed Ellen DeGeneres had been “dumped” by her famous friends, and a fallout with her wife, Portia de Rossi, was soon to follow. Insiders told the outlet DeGeneres’s marriage was “hanging by a thread”. This came after DeGeneres was involved with various work related scandals.

Though Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t personally responsible for the bullying or sexual allegations that surrounded The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the source insisted Ellen’s issues with her wife were a direct result of the work related scandal. The allegations were hefty, but were they enough for de Rossi to want to ditch her partner?

Though de Rossi defended DeGeneres on Instagram and thanked fans for supporting them through all the scandals & subsequent backlash, an insider claimed the Arrested Development star was “ready to walk out” and asking for a “trial separation”.

Issues before the scandals

Before the workplace scandals ensued, DeGeneres & de Rossi were “fighting a lot” per Globe’s source. “Ellen’s been pushing her luck with the shabby way she treats Portia,” the source alleged. After being hit with the scandal, DeGeneres started “working all hours”. When de Rossi got a chance to see her wife, DeGeneres was “barking orders and treating her like an under-appreciated assistant.”

As a result, Ellen DeGeneres’s wife “wants at least a trial separation,” the source explained. DeGeneres’s wife also wanted to move full-time to Santa Barbara while DeGeneres stayed in Los Angeles. “But Ellen’s digging in and making all kinds of promises to try and get her to stay,” says the source.

DeGeneres & de Rossi haven’t separated

Months have passed since the tabloid printed this story, yet DeGeneres & de Rossi are still together. It seems the tabloid was more focused on dragging DeGeneres’s name through the mud and bringing up The Ellen DeGeneres Show than they were concerned about the relationship between DeGeneres & her wife.

Ellen DeGeneres herself has stated she wasn’t as involved with the situation on her show as she should have been, and her lack of knowledge about the situation was part of the issue. Despite her stated misstep, DeGeneres’s friends aren’t leaving her over these scandals like sources say, and neither is DeGeneres’s wife.

Talk of the town

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi’s relationship has been spotlighted multiple times. In recent months, the Globe has targeted DeGeneres & de Rossi’s relationship. Earlier this year, the tabloid reported Ellen DeGeneres was jealous of her wife’s potential cooking show.

Gossip Cop determined that that report wasn’t true. It seems unlikely that a highly successful talk show host would be green-eyed and bitter over her wife’s success, no? The Globe also claimed Ellen DeGeneres was “riddled with anxiety” over her talk show’s scandals and felt that she was a target of bullying.

Looks like Ellen DeGeneres’s wife isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. These are all just alleged rumors, and the love bugs are on good terms. As for DeGeneres’s friends, they have stuck by her side as well. We hope they continue to stick with her through and through.

What do you think about Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show scandal? Should she be the one to blame? Do you think DeGeneres was bullied? Let us know in the comments.

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