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Last week, a story broke about overpriced cabinets being a cover for human trafficking on a popular furniture site, Wayfair.

Conspiracy theorists jumped on the idea celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres were secretly behind a Wayfair sex trafficking ring to boost their net worth.

Is the trending hashtag on trafficking children fake news? Learn about human trafficking stories coming out now.

We have fact-checkers to help disprove the craziest fake news stories. Here are some of the craziest conspiracy theories from 2020 so far.

Wayfair was accused of human trafficking were the suspiciously high price of certain stock. Here's what we know about the evidence.

Wayfair recently got dragged into the internet’s latest conspiracy theory, and Ellen DeGeneres found her name attached. Here's how.

Wayfair started trending on Twitter after a conspiracy started to circulate about its stock. Here's everything you need to know.