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Wayfair recently got dragged into the internet’s latest conspiracy theory, and Ellen DeGeneres found her name attached. Here's how.

Ellen DeGeneres is under attack again: This time for Wayfair prices

Wayfair is known for being a furniture and home goods website. What’s less known is the fact Wayfair is less of a brand and more of a selling platform where people can sell their furniture and home goods – like Amazon but with more specificity.

DeGeneres is known by her fans for having her own line of goods which can be purchased on Wayfair. In fact, DeGeneres and Wayfair have had a pretty strong sponsorship deal for a while. The only thing strange to us is that almost all the items in the Ellen DeGeneres line (also called ED) are baby-related, which seems like an odd choice since DeGeneres has no kids.

However, Wayfair recently got dragged into the internet’s latest conspiracy theory, and DeGeneres found her name attached to it because, well, hating Ellen DeGeneres is the new cool fad.

Wayfair conspiracy

Wayfair found itself in hot water when the internet caught wind of some “industrial” cabinets being sold for hefty price tags. We mean these cabinets were listed upwards of $10,000.

While painfully overpriced items are not a new thing, not in this world or even on Wayfair, people became extra concerned when these random storage cabinets had women’s names listed in the product title.

Anabel, Yaritza, and Neriah were just some of the product names. This little fact is what sent chills down spines and the internet into a frenzy. People started asking whether there were kidnapped women being shipped in cabinets that were sold on Wayfair.

Products with women’s names are something of a trend these days, but it’s usually on websites selling something like leggings and bras – not for large overpriced pieces of office furniture big enough to hold a woman.

The products have since been removed by Wayfair under the claims they were not well labeled and their description didn’t make it clear they were of industrial quality, hence the price tag.

What does this have to do with DeGeneres?

Just because Ellen DeGeneres has a sponsorship with Wayfair doesn’t mean she’s automatically related to a potential sex trafficking scheme which may or may not be happening on Wayfair’s website.

However, the internet couldn’t help but notice DeGeneres also had some jaw-droppingly expensive items listed on the website. One throw pillow simply called “Lumbar Pillow” was listed at $10,098 – or $842 a month for 12 months because it isn’t absolutely insane to finance a throw pillow. 😬

As of writing this article, when we went to the page for the ED line of home goods on Wayfair there were no throw pillows to be found.


The takeaway

It’s possible some of the pricing on Wayfair’s website was entirely a mistake due to some internal mechanism of how the company/website is run. This would explain why not just metal storage cabinets were going for exorbitant prices, but also the ugly throw pillows being sold by a well-known talk show host.

This might also explain why the cabinets had strange names. Wayfair, in a statement, claimed product names are selected through an algorithm, hence the strange and somewhat nonsensical names for cabinets.

While this seems like a weird excuse, we can see how a computer would look at products like yoga pants, see that they’re named after women, and then try to apply this method somewhere else. Unfortunately, the algorithm happened to pick a really inappropriate place to do so.

For now, this whole thing is just a conspiracy theory. There is no proof as to whether or not something more devious than price gouging is happening on Wayfair.

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