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Take the case of Cuba Gooding Jr., an actor whose rise to stardom was as meteoric as his fall into controversy. This is a story of fame, talent,

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Let’s take a look at the facts of both and see what their intersecting paths say about future responsibility in the age of social media.

Health guru Nicole Daedone built her net worth off the promise of healthy pleasure, but she may have had bad intentions from the start.

Movies with James Franco have done more than entertain fans and win awards. Here's how they've apparently been used to excuse his history of sexual abuse.

After an article alleged PornHub of sex trafficking and child porn, two top execs of the site’s parent company resigned. Uncover the MindGeek scandal now.

Recently Kevin Spacey joined the Polanski-Allen club. Find out the recent charges against the actor and if he was a predator with co-stars in these movies.

The Catholic Church has a dark history of covering up instances of clergy sexual abuse. Here's how something so vile can still be so widespread.