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Let’s take a look at the facts of both and see what their intersecting paths say about future responsibility in the age of social media.

Even children’s entertainers have a dark side: Peek at Rolf Harris’s

Are we really aware of the people behind our favorite childhood entertainers? The world of entertainment has seen its fair share of shocking revelations, the disgraceful ends to careers of two particularly renowned figures – Rolf Harris and Bill Cosby, have shaken the public and stirred the media in recent years.

Let’s take a look at the facts of both and see what their intersecting paths say about future responsibility in the age of social media.

Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris, an esteemed entertainer from Britain and Australia, known for his music and TV shows, had his reputation permanently tarnished due to his conviction on multiple counts of indecent assault. His heinous crimes committed between 1968 and 1986, with one conviction later being overturned, marked a dismal conclusion to what once seemed a successful career.

Harris, a singer, painter, and television presenter, earned international recognition with catchy tunes like “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.” His prime-time TV shows, mostly aimed at children, marked him as a prominent figure in family entertainment. The turn of events revealing his criminal activities and subsequent conviction cast a long, dark shadow over his previous accomplishments.

The irony of his downfall is more bitter when considering his efforts to raise awareness about sexual abuse through projects such as his 1985 film Kids Can Say No. His demise serves as a stark reminder of the repercussions of engaging in illegal and immoral activities and the importance of holding high-profile individuals accountable, irrespective of their public standing. Harris, having passed away at the age of 93, left this world a disgraced figure.

Bill Cosby

The career trajectory of Bill Cosby, once fondly referred to as “America’s Dad,” took a shocking downturn when he was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to three to ten years in prison. The allegations, once brought to light, caused a seismic shift in his public image and marked the erosion of his professional standing.

Public reactions to Cosby’s allegations led to a comprehensive examination of the media’s role in challenging such high-profile figures. Social media platforms became pivotal in highlighting the allegations and enforcing accountability. The fallout from the allegations not only blemished Cosby’s legacy but also changed how the public perceived his renowned show, The Cosby Show.

The Bitter Pill

Cosby’s downfall was not an overnight phenomenon; it was the culmination of several events over a span of time that ultimately crumbled the illustrious career he’d built over the years. Despite his advanced age and health issues, the public demanded he face the consequences of his crimes.

Some were privy to the darker side of Cosby’s character for years, but it was the mounting evidence and increased public awareness that ultimately led to his downfall. His fall from grace was a turning point in public perception, emphasizing the gravity of his crimes and the necessity of holding individuals accountable.

Both Harris’s and Cosby’s cases serve as stark reminders of the need for transparency and accountability in the entertainment industry. But the question remains – will these disgraced endings drive change in how we scrutinize our beloved entertainers in the future?


What should accountability look like in your eyes in the age of social media? Let us know below!

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