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Why is Virginia Giuffre claiming that Ghislaine Maxwell’s actions were worse than Jeffrey Epstein's? Learn the new details alleged victims are saying!

Victim tells all: Is Ghislaine Maxwell even more evil than Jeffrey Epstein?

Would you agree if we said there are levels to evil? Evidently, Ghislaine Maxwell is more evil than Jeffrey Epstein, according to Virginia Giuffre. The alleged victim added that she preyed on vulnerable girls, and her conviction is a “bittersweet moment.”

Ghislaine Maxwell’s crimes are being reported as even worse than those of the sexual predator for whom she trafficked girls because she used her abilities to gather the girls’ confidence, to force them into a world of abuse, according to an alleged victim. Virginia Roberts Giuffre is known for claiming she was trafficked by Maxwell’s boyfriend, the late Epstein. 

But Giuffre did not give testimony in the case which concluded yesterday that Maxwell and Epstein both had stolen a part of her childhood that she could never get back. She told The Cut, “I have been dreaming of this day for the last ten years, not knowing that it was going to come. It’s a bittersweet emotion because I have been fighting for so long.”

Let us say there really are levels to evil. Why is Giuffre claiming that Ghislaine Maxwell’s actions were worse than Jeffrey Epstein’s?

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking charges carrying a total prison sentence for as long as sixty-five years, acting on behalf of Jeffrey Epstein who’s known as an elite convicted child sexual abuser. He supposedly killed himself in prison back in 2019 amid awaiting trial on allegations of sexual offenses against numerous girls. 

Virginia Giuffre has been open to the public about her ordeal saying the abuse patterns brought on by the Epstein/Maxwell couple were a mixture of power abuse and outright charm. Jeffrey Epstein had powerful friends to claim including the Duke of York Prince Andrew, whom Giuffre also accuses of sexual abuse. 

Epstein was able to convince the girls that he “owned” the local police department. Maxwell was perhaps the best at exploiting the girls’ weaknesses to lure them in. Ghislaine Maxwell earned Giuffre’s confidence by promising to help her accomplish her dream of becoming a massage therapist had she come to work for Jeffrey Epstein. 

Maxwell “. . . used her womanly abilities to make me feel comfortable. The deceit hurts even more because I fell naively into her trap. I mean, she is poised. She looks sophisticated. She didn’t raise any hairs on the back of my head.”

Gaining trust

A clever predator will always try to gain the trust of their potential victims before they abuse them. Virginia Giuffre said that Ghislaine Maxwell had caught her reading a book about massage therapy. Armed with the knowledge of Giuffre’s interests, Maxwell was able to gain the girl’s trust. 

“The thing about predators is they seek the vulnerable, find out what they want, and promise them a dream. That’s how they work. Cages and chains come in all different shapes and sizes. I wasn’t tied to a radiator or anything, like you’ve seen in movies,” says Giuffre. Her shackles were Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s wealth, power, and the company they kept.

According to Giuffre, Maxwell was a greater evil than Epstein because she utilized her charm, wit, and smile to be thought of as someone to be trusted. It is true that the evilest people are the ones who do their evil while trying to live silently amongst us. Sometimes, they can be the greatest liars. 

Yesterday’s verdicts showed us that “no matter how rich or how connected you are, you can still be held accountable.” The lawyer representing twenty people who have accused Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell referred to the verdicts as a warning to sexual criminals that their crimes would be punished. 

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