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Where's Ghislaine Maxwell now? Is she a “scapegoat” for Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes. Are the accusers “untrustworthy and motivated by money?" Join us!

What’s happening to Ghislaine Maxwell now? Will she stay in jail?

Here’s a very brief summary of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial: “‘False memory’, financial motives, scapegoating” which is what her defense lawyers will utilize to try to discredit accusers. “The prosecution case against Ghislaine Maxwell called twenty-four witnesses over ten days, including four accusers, but rested at least a week earlier than expected.”

The defense was left struggling to gather the witnesses. They have thirty-five but not all of them will be summoned. The public simply wants to know what’s happening to Ghislaine Maxwell now. Her lawyers have taken a huge leap by requesting that three witnesses be allowed to testify on incognito, which isn’t a common practice where minors or alledged sexual assault victims are not involved. 

Now, Ghislaine Maxwell is being portrayed as a “scapegoat” for Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes and her accusers as “untrustworthy and motivated by money.”

False memory

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers will say that the natural passage of time amongst the heavy media scrutiny of this case, has messed with the memory of the accusers & witnesses. According to the most recent reports, “the defence has already set out its stall, calling up apparent inconsistencies between what accusers said in court and what they told investigators in earlier interviews.”

“Jane,” the first alleged victim, testified on the stand that she remembers being fourteen years old and eating ice cream on a picnic table when Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstien approached her together. 

Maxwell’s lawyer, Laura Menninger, questioned Jane in an FBI disposition suggesting she originally said Epstien approached her alone. Menninger is also suspicious of Jane having falsified a memory depicting the time she first had sexual contact with Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Accusers’ lawyers

In court filings, the defence team noted they want to put the lawyers for three accusers who testified on the stand. They’re aiming to question Jack Scarola, Robert Glassman and Brad Edwards about the multi-million dollar payments their clients received from the Epstein victims fund. 

They want to ask Edwards, who’s representing the Maxwell accuser “Kate”, in regards to whether she agreed to collaborate with the case against Ghislaine Maxwell, justifying that she believed it would help her application for a special visa to stay in the U.S. (since she’s British). 

Maxwell’s lawyers wrote in a letter to Judge Alison Nathan, “An alleged victim’s desire for a U-Visa is powerful evidence of motive and bias. Prosecutors have requested that the judge obstruct the request, saying it would only “generate irrelevant evidence.”

Ghislaine Maxwell

When it comes to all the witnesses who testified against Ghislaine Maxwell, they have all spoken about their first impressions of her, remembering her as a “very attractive, brunette, well dressed, with a proper English accent.” She was a socialite, acclimated to the rich and famous life, confident enough to face the UN. 

Maxwell seemed confident in court, occasionally smiling, even hugging lawyers. However, it does not look like Ghislaine Maxwell will be taking the stand herself. The case will probably last four days or less which wouldn’t allow for an intense cross-examination of the defendant

The majority of legal experts seem to agree that the potential risk of putting Maxwell on the stand far outweighs the potential growth. Maxwell is also looking at two additional perjury charges. Will she stay in jail? At this point, it seems it’ll go that way. She was arrested on multiple charges related to sex trafficking with Epstein which involved the sexual abuse of young women & girls. 

She was denied bail, continuing to stay behind bars. More news will come upon the conclusion of the trial. 

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