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Victims allege that Ghislaine Maxwell was both the madam cheif to Jeffrey Epstein and the chief of the whole sex trafficking ring. Could this be possible?

Did Ghislaine Maxwell instigate Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring?

The conventional narrative in the Jeffrey Epstein case is that Epstein was the ringleader of the massive sex trafficking operation. Ghislaine Maxwell, his former girlfriend, was his top recruiter and awaits trial for her part in Epstein’s crimes. Maxwell pleaded not guilty and maintains her innocence. 

However, many of Epstein’s victims, including Virginia Roberts Giuffre, assert that Maxwell recruited them for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse. Epstein ferried them to his multiple homes across the U.S., including his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Many also say Maxwell took part in the abuse herself. 

However, some allege that not only was Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein’s madam in chief, she was the madam in chief of the whole operation! Let’s take a look at how this could be possible. 

Key introductions

Ghislaine Maxwell introduced Jeffrey Epstein to at least two of his named associates. Maxwell introduced Epstein to Prince Andrew, Duke of York in the 1990s – Maxwell & Prince Andrew were together at Oxford the decade before. Epstein also met Alan Dershowitz –  his lawyer in 2008 who helped draft his non-prosecution agreement – via mutual friends of Dershowitz & Maxwell. 

Also, from many victim statements, Ghislaine Maxwell was also the one who recruited Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. Granted, higher-ups often get people lower on the ladder to do their dirty work for them. However, in the case of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell, could something else be going on?

Samantha’s story

A new victim of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell came forward after Maxwell’s arrest. Going by the alias Samantha, she was a student at the Parsons School of Design when Maxwell approached her. Like many of Epstein’s victims, Maxwell recruited Samantha to be a masseuse for Epstein. 

Samantha went to Epstein’s New York penthouse to work. Once there, Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly called her a “lying whore”, gagged her, and raped her with a sex toy, leaving Samantha traumatized. “I feel she was the monster, she was the one behind it all,” Samantha said about the encounter. 

The abuse ruined Samantha’s career and she still lives with the horror of what happened to her. She came forward after Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest because she wants to see Maxwell serve time. “I want to see her be punished. I don’t want her to die. I think that Epstein got away too easily by killing himself.” 

Recruitment tactics

Samantha wasn’t the only victim that Ghislaine Maxwell recruited under false pretenses. In fact, Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein notoriously lured their victims in by promising them work like modeling gigs or jobs as a masseuse. Both Epstein & Maxwell recruited girls, but Maxwell was many prominent Epstein victims’ first contact. 

The earliest known victim of Ghislaine Maxwell was Molly Skye Brown, who was recruited from a local gym by Maxwell. “She introduced herself, said she was a modeling scout and asked: Do I do any modeling? I was half-naked, a young girl with an exercise outfit on, showing my body. I told her my age and she said: ‘Oh my God, you look so much older, you could easily pass for eighteen,” Brown told The New York Post

While Maxwell recruited many named victims herself, including Virginia Roberts Giuffre. However, Epstein also recruited victims and Epstein & Maxwell would sometimes work together as a couple to lure victims in. 

Annie & Maria Farmer are two of Epstein & Maxwell’s earliest known victims. They were recruited by Epstein & Maxwell when he bought a painting from Maria Farmer at an NYU student gallery showing. According to Filthy Rich: The Jeffrey Epstein Story, Farmer was hired to be a receptionist. They lured her sister, Annie Farmer, with an opportunity to teach abroad. 

Partners in crime

Forensic psychologists characterized partnered criminals as having a “strong interdependence in which both parties need something critical from the other,” via Psychology Today. Up to 20% of serial killers work with a partner and while Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell weren’t serial killers, their predatory behavior of picking victims and sexually abusing in the same way over & over has some overlap. 

In these partnerships, there is often a dominant partner & a subservient partner. The dominant partner wants complete & total control over both their victims & their partner. The subservient partner is selected by the dominant partner for both their unquestioning loyalty & willingness to participate in the dominant partner’s cruelty. 

Forensic studies also show that it’s usually the male in a male/female duo who’s dominant. However, female-led duos happen, when a stronger-willed woman, craving excitement, will persuade a weaker man to help her commit a violent crime. As far as Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell are concerned, we may never know who instigated the massive sex trafficking ring. 

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