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BTS has launched #BANGBANGCON21 today and fans are still hyped. Grab your lighters and dive into the history and reactions to BTS’s online concert event. 

BTS: Vibe with the K-pop online concert #BANGBANGCON21 now

BTS fans, today is your day. The K-pop group BTS has launched #BANGBANGCON21 today for free on their BANGTANTV YouTube channel at 2 a.m EDT. 

Naturally, Twitter is still abuzz with hype from the concert, with fans causing the event to already become trending worldwide despite how recently it aired. 

But what is #BANGBANGCON21? Where did the event originate and what are some of the best reactions to the concert and its aftermath? Luckily, we waded through the thick crowds of excitement to bring you all the best reactions as well as information on the event. 

Grab your lighters and let’s dive into #BANGBANGCON21, BTS’s online concert event. 

What is #BANGBANGCON21? 

This all began due to the pandemic (what a shock). 

At the time, BTS was meant to go on their Map of the Soul tour back in 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the tour was indefinitely postponed. However, BTS didn’t want to leave their fans hanging, so Bang Bang Con was born. 

The first ‘Bang Bang Con’ took place on their BANGTANTV YouTube channel on April18-19th,2020. This BTS online concert showcased many of their old shows, including BTS 3rd Muster [ARMY.ZIP+], 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour In Seoul, and BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ Seoul. 

Fans of course loved it, with the stream amassing 50.59 million views within the span of 24 hours (now that is the power of the ARMY). 

For this year’s ‘Bang Bang Con’, the set list included BTS Live Trilogy EP. 1 BTS Begins (Memories of 2015), BTS 5th Muster [Magic Shop] in Busan, and BTS World Tour Speak Yourself in São Paulo. 

Hype train 

After the streaming of this new BTS online concert, fans took to Twitter to show off their excitement, with the hype still going stronger hours after the broadcast. Some of the best reactions include: 

We are with you on that front, dude. It was worth the wait! 

We love to see support from both creators and fans for each other. 

One day, dude, one day. . . 

We already have tissues. Here, it looks like you need them. . .  

That is adorable. . . dude, you ok?. . . 

We love seeing such love in a community, have we mentioned that yet. . . 

Unfortunately, even BTS does not last forever. . . 

Now that is dedication. 

Bingo cards? Too cute, we can’t. . . 

That is quite the flex, we need to catch up, one second. . . 

What’s next for BTS? 

Of course, BTS has a lot more in store for fans besides this online concert. The band has just smashed two world records for sales on their single ‘Dynamite’ and their Japanese compilation album, BTS, The Best will be launching on June 16th, so there will be a lot more for the ARMY to celebrate soon. 

While not confirmed yet by the band, some have speculated that BTS may be working on new music, however any official announcement will come from the band at their typical launch time of midnight KST. We expect the ARMY to be ready if that is the case. 

Are you still excited from #BANGBANGCON21 or see any more cool reactions to the event? Drop a comment below to keep the good vibes going! 

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