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The Bangtan Boys, popularly known as the BTS boy band, is a phenomenon of our times. Here are ten essential facts about Suga.

The ten essential facts you need to know about BTS’s Suga

The Bangtan Boys, popularly known as the BTS boy band, is a phenomenon of our times. This South Korean boy band group has caught the attention of the world with their music as well as their boyish charms. In fact, their fans collectively refer to themselves as the BTS Army. Among the seven members of the group, there’s Suga – originally named  Min Yoon-gi – who is primarily the rapper in the group. 

It’s no surprise that fans want to know more about their favorite BTS members, so here’s a little treat on Suga.

No time for love

BTS members have maintained that they don’t have time for dating. Suga told ELLE Girl Russia that he works all day from morning to night, then repeats the same every day. This leaves the members with little to no time for romance.

No time for tattoos either

Suga has never got a tattoo, but he opines that a tattoo can be construed negatively. He does have plans for getting a small, inconspicuous one & might do it for charity.

Writes from the heart

His writing process has evolved over time. Suga mentioned that he now tries to write from his heart. It’s how his lyrics are able to reflect a more intimate, dark, contemplative side.

Candid about mental health

Suga is a staunch mental health advocate. He was quoted, “We feel that people who have the platform to talk about those things really should talk more, because they say depression is something where you go to the hospital and you’re diagnosed, but you can’t really know until the doctor talks to you.” 

He’s very conscious of the influence & the reach he has, and makes every possible effort to use it to bust stigmas around mental health, “When celebrities talk about it — if they talk about depression for example like it’s the common cold, then it becomes more and more accepted if it’s a common disorder like the cold.”

Loves basketball

Among his various interests lie basketball, piano, and photography – much of which is self-taught. He was a regular at basketball, practicing & training until an accident prevented him from taking on the sport professionally.

But his love for basketball was so pronounced, his stage name Suga has been derived from his position in basketball called the shooting guard.

INFP personality

According to a Soompi list, Suga’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introvert-intuitive-feeler-perceiver (INFP). It makes sense since Suga is always very altruistic & giving.

On-off relation with fashion

Suga understands that the BTS members have an on-stage aura to maintain, so he acknowledges the role of fashion in live performances. He told Billboard, “Music is not just about listening any more. I think visuals are very important.” He understands how music is complemented by fashion & art, but when he’s not performing, he likes to keep it simple. 

When not on tour, he can be found relaxing in comfy clothing, oversized outfits & slippers included. At the same time, he has his quirky tastes – he’s expressed his knack for bracelets, king rings, and the like. 

Didn’t want to become a rapper

In his own words, Suga actually wanted to become a composer, “I didn’t want to become a rapper, I wanted to become a composer. That’s why I joined the agency.” 

Got tricked into BTS

Following from that, Suga never could have imagined or anticipated what signing up with Big Hit Entertainment would entail. He often jokes about how the agency founder & co-CEO Bang Si-hyuk tricked him into joining BTS, “He told me I’d be in a [hip-hop] group like 1TYM. He said I wouldn’t have to dance, only groove a little. He said all I’d have to do is focus on rapping.”

Considered the most outspoken of the group

Suga is considered the most outspoken member of the group – in a positive manner, of course. He’s been very vocal about the social causes he supports & his charity efforts. As mentioned before, he also openly talked about mental health. He knows the influence he wields on BTS fans & is using it for good.

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