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Members of the BTS Army, you should know all the members' birthdays! Get ready to learn their astrological natal charts, too! This is Part 1.

We used BTS’s birthdays to figure out their birth charts: Part one

As a proud member of the BTS Army, you’d be remiss not to know all seven BTS members’ birthdays. What if we told you we had something more valuable to dissect what BTS is really like? 

Using their birthdays, we can delve into personality traits beyond their sun sign. In astrology, this is called a natal chart. It gives you a lot of details about a person, including what their emotions are like, their communication style, and how they love.

Here’s what we picked up from BTS’s natal charts. We found a lot of commonalities, like tons of planets in Pisces (note that we’re using Western or Tropical astrology here), a sign that often represents artistic endeavors. With all this Pisces in their natal charts, BTS is highly creative & visionary, but you already knew that! 

BTS members are also going to be facing big changes over the next few years. The older members are approaching their “Saturn returns,” an astrological coming of age marked when Saturn returns to the same spot in the sky as it was when you were born. This marks the end of youth and the beginning of full-on adulthood and is usually accompanied by major life changes or huge shifts in perception. 

Because the outer planets move so slowly (entire generations have Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the same sign), we focused on the members’ “big 3” (sun, moon & rising signs, arguably the most important), personal planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars which show the person’s intellect, romance style, and passion – and that’s just the cliff notes version), and aspects. 

Aspects are specific, mathematical relations between planets that show how their charts come together. If planets snuggle up together in a conjunction then their energies blend. If the aspect is harmonious like a trine (120 degrees away from each other) or a sextile (60 degrees away), the planets play nice. Squares (90 degrees) and oppositions (180 degrees) spell trouble. 

Without further ado, here are some highlights from BTS members’ natal charts. This is only part 1, covering the oldest three BTS members. Stay tuned for part 2, covering the youngest four!

Jin – December 12, 1992 ♐♈♓

According to Astrotheme, Jin’s birth time is 1:37 PM, giving him a rising sign of Pisces (if you want to get technical, his ascendant is 29 degrees Pisces, which is a critical degree – that means he has big lessons to learn when it comes to his appearance & life path). He comes off as dreamy & creative. With a lot of planets at the top of his chart (known to astrologers as the “public hemisphere”), he was born to shine.  

Jin’s sun is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are known for their friendly, outgoing natures. They also have a deep love of learning which makes them great teachers. We think that Jin may teach in his future, especially since his midheaven (the highest point in your chart, signifying your career & public image) is in the same sign. 

Jin’s moon is in Aries, giving him a fiery, temperamental streak. However, since the moon is in his chart’s first house of appearance & self, he has a big nurturing side to him. Jin also has a grand trine (three planets making an equilateral triangle in your chart) in water signs which really brings out his caring, compassionate nature. 

Jin has some debilitated placements. Mars isn’t happy in Cancer and having it placed there, Jin can have some extra pouty moments. Venus in Capricorn also isn’t great, but it brings him passion to his career and recognition for his good looks. It’s also at the head of a “kite,” an aspect between four planets that brings the holder great success in their life, usually over a long period of time. 

Suga – March 9, 1993 ♓♍

Min Yoongi doesn’t have an available birth time (most of the members don’t, or have conflicting birth time info floating around the internet), but there are still some very interesting goodies in Yoongi’s chart. First, he has not one, but two rare aspects called yods. 

Yods are long triangles called “fingers of fate”. They’re created when two planets are sextiling each other (they’re 60 degrees apart, not having sexytimes), and they inconjunct (it’s 150 degrees away in the circle) the same planet that sits between them on the other side. 

Despite his dreamy, creative nature from his Pisces sun, his moon in Virgo keeps him grounded & a perfectionist. With his Mercury snuggling up next to his sun (called a conjunction, it’s when two planetary energies are “blended” in your chart), it makes him amazingly gifted at expressing himself through art. 

Like Jin, Yoongi also has a grand trine. His trine is in fire signs and gives him an active, passionate streak. However, he needs to learn to harness that energy for others – Venus in Aries can make him a little self-centered in love & Chiron in Leo can cause lifelong wounded pride and insecurity. 

Yoongi’s also one of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction babies. That means these generational planets come together in his chart for a once-in-a-lifetime meeting. People with this aspect, born in the early 1990s, are said to help herald in a new technological age. 

J-Hope – February 18, 1994 ♒♉

Jung Hoseok, or J-Hope, has an eccentric side to his personality. However, he has the best moon sign you can possibly get – since the moon is exalted in Taurus. His emotional nature is very stable and deep down inside, he’s a giant, loveable teddy bear. With the moon in Taurus, the fastest way to J-Hope’s heart is probably through his stomach! Big Taurus placements like the moon love to eat. 

He also has a lot of Piscean energy since he has three planets in the sign. Called a stellium, it means J-Hope has the artistic, creative, dreamy, and emotional traits of a Pisces, even though his sun isn’t in the sign. Three or more planets in a sign make a stellium. 

His sun & mars are exactly conjunct, snuggling right on top of each other, which means he is a bundle of energy. With both these planets in aquarius, he’s eccentric, but really driven to help humanity. Since these placements are also in the middle of a T-square (a difficult aspect which makes a right triangle in your chart), he should become a humanitarian later in his life. 

What do you think so far? Do you see yourself with the oldest three BTS members, or do you not like their signs? Do you think astrology matters when it comes to your crush? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for part 2!

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