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Are memes your love language? Say “home hither” to your crush on Valentine's Day by sending them these flirty memes.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Send these flirty memes to your crush

We all know that holidays are the mascot of a month. Come December we see Hanukkah 🕎 & Christmas🎄, January is New Year’s 🥂, and February, of course, is Valentine’s Day 💕.  (But let’s not forget about Groundhog day – a very overlooked February holiday worthy of more love.) 

Thus, our hype for Valentine’s Day must start today, February 1st. Sadly, post-grade school you may not be getting all those cute valentines in your valentine box. But in their place, we’ve collected an offering of amorous memes to put you in the mood. Say “home hither” to your crush by sending them these memes. Could flirty memes their love language? 

Cute as a cucumber

If cute puns like this inspire a smile, that’s the safest way to flirt, no? 

Heart eater

Is your crush a Harry Potter nerd? If so, you’re welcome – you’ve just found the perfect flirty meme of them all.

Be my . . . banana?

We’d all like to think we’ve got the moves, but in execution it can be super awkward. Sometimes admitting that could be the best way to get over that uncomfortable flirty phase. 

Stare-y me! 

Or, disregard that last tidbit of advice and go straight for the “marry me” approach when in doubt. Give ‘em that Dwight stare for awhile and maybe they’ll just give. (We don’t actually advise this method.) 

*Loud screaming*

Sometimes you just can’t contain the love anymore and you have to let it out like this cute furry animal. 

Fiery love attack

Here’s one for you Avatar: The Last Airbender fans out there. Just blame the Fire Nation for everything.  

Simpin’ for you

Don’t go on Urban Dictionary if you’re not up on the “simp” slang. All it means is that you’re hard-core crushing on someone (often a fictional character), which can be super flirty and cute to say IRL. 

Are yoda wan?

There are infinite Star Wars memes out there, but this flirty one is perfect for nerds on Valentine’s Day.

Listen to the chick

Looking for a more direct approach? This should do it. 🔪

Cute overload

Is your crush so cute you can hardly bear it? This meme is one way to say it to them.

Whether you’re in a relationship, stuck in fantasy land, or going it solo, we hope this Valentine’s Day fills your heart with love of some kind. ❤️

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