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Need to prepare yourself for social distance Valentine's Day? Spread the love with these memes for the valentine in your life.

Stock up early: Get the best valentine memes for your loved ones

Love is in the air! Well, love is in the socially distanced air, so to speak. 2020 was not the best time in the world for love. It looks like 2021’s Valentine’s Day will not be that much better. Even if it feels like love is dead in the world, at least we have some truly excellent Valentine memes out there to send to your boo or bae, depending on what they prefer to be called.

Get ready to remember that love is in the air tonight with these Valentine memes to send your special someone. We may have to stay socially distant, but we can still share the love. 

Rule 1 of Valentine’s Day

Even if your Valentine’s Day is taking place over Zoom, you still gotta make sure you look good for the bae

Doggos love their hoo-man

Don’t have a hoo-man to love? No worries. Your dog loves you. 

Our hearts! 

Yes. The only box of chocolates anyone should accept is full of chocolate-colored puppies. Look at their little faces! 

Opposites do attract

No matter how different you and the bae appear on paper, the love is still there!

That dog has no clue what’s going on

Dogs, dear secret admirers, cannot read. Good try though.

Snuggles for everyone! Especially the bae

Cuddles are always the best.


Ah, the truest goals in life!

It cures what ails you

We need to just enjoy seeing the bae all sleepy, cuddly, & cute. It’s the sweetest thing in the world. Does the heart a lot of good.

The true meaning of dogs

Two dogs can form a heart together! Coincidence? We think not! 

A list of gender-neutral pet names to call the Eldritch horror in your life

Call us, “the abomination that causes desolation”. ;) 

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