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Netflix and chill was certainly a time to be alive. But has COVID-19 brought it back? Check out these memes and relive the magic yourself!

Are Netflix and chill jokes still funny? These memes say “yes”

“Netflix and chill” has come a long way. The phrase was once youth code boomers could only hope to understand upon a Dr. Phil reveal. We’ve come quite a way since those days, and now “Netflix and chill” can be seen everywhere from matching pajama sets at Target to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors. 

“Netflix and chill” seems ancient amid the light-speed changes in the meme world, and once the older generation catches wind of a trend, a phrase like “Netflix and chill” can become totally uncool. 

However, memes breathe life into even the dullest of trends, and “Netflix and chill” memes haven’t stopped since the viral phrase’s heyday. We’ve scoured Twitter for the latest “Netflix and chill” memes proving the viral catchphrase is here to stay.

This look

The “x minutes into Netflix and chill and they give you this look” is the quintessential “Netflix and chill” meme format, and there’s a simple reason why – it’s the funniest one. Lisa Bonet is definitely serving looks in this version. Is it getting hot in here?

This creepy “Netflix and chill” meme is a great example of how not to look ten minutes into “Netflix and chill”.

If we all looked as cute as this pup, we’re sure we’d all be having way more “Netflix and chill” sessions.

Sometimes laying it on thick is the best way to let your partner know what you’re looking for in a “Netflix and chill” session. Like this guy appears to know, one look can say everything.

Whether it’s five minutes or thirty minutes into “Netflix and chill”, we don’t think Johnny Depp is capable of not making this look.


You shouldn’t let your expectations get away with you if you’re invited over for some “Netflix and chill” – you might be signing up for a G-rated session. This meme captures the confusion coming along when we just end up watching a movie.

This meme shows what it’s like when your boo tries to drop some subtle hints during a “Netflix and chill” session. You’re not as smooth as you think, pal.

If you end up just cuddling during your “Netflix and chill” sesh, don’t be like Jaden. There, there – Netflix isn’t going anywhere.

Post-Netflix and chill

The sign of a long-lasting trend is re-memification, and plenty of people have moved on from “Netflix and chill”. This meme opts for a different kind of combo.

Finally, this Twitter user decided “quarantine & meme” was the natural next step up from “Netflix and chill”. Looks pretty similar to us, but go off, king.

Are you sick of hearing about “Netflix and chill”, or is the phrase forever funny? Sound off in the comments below!

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