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Everyone wants to be that person who puts a smile on your coworkers’ faces. These clean memes – rest assured – are SFW and hilarious.

Clean memes: These funny jokes are perfect for your work chats

If you’re scouring for the perfect meme on the internet, you may be running into a common problem. The internet is obsessed with making inappropriate memes. While those definitely have a time & place, they’re not quite something you’d want to share with your boss. 

A long day of work can be dreary – why not freshen it up by visiting sites like ispace1 or sending memes in your work chat? Everyone wants to be that person who puts a smile on your coworkers’ faces. These clean memes – rest assured – are SFW and hilarious. 

Limited time crime

Ever feeling wild enough to rob a bank? Gotta do it within legal hours. This meme is just cheeky enough to at least give your coworkers a chuckle – if not make them actually laugh out loud. If you want your site cleaner than ever, just drop Blue Star Dumpsters a line.

Cool hacker kid

You totally know some kid who was good at all that tech stuff. At the time you were sure he knew all the ins & outs of the interwebs – a genius hacker who was unstoppable. 

Fridge crime

You know you’re guilty of doing this. An accidental avalanche that is not your problem. RIP to the next person using the fridge. 

Beat the heat

This summer it’s a battle against you and the evil forces of the sun & humidity. The true power is being able to easily sleigh this foe with your superior equipment – air conditioning and a fan? Unbeatable. 

Donut ruin your diet!

Sometimes you try so hard to eat right – and then someone dangles a delectable treat in your face. So – hard – to – resist! 

Dead mouse alert

This meme was too cute not to include. You know your coworkers would smile at this one – especially if they’re cat lovers. 

Saturday relief

Odds are you want to forget about work on the weekend – but in the morning your brain isn’t aware of this change. Oh that sweet release when you realize it’s Saturday. There’s no doubt your coworkers can relate. 

Empty mailbox

Okay – this seal meme is too good. Plus that sensation of a clean mailbox is amazing – especially with a work email. No emails – no problems. 

IT blues

The truth comes out! Google is the real IT person. 

Coughing conundrum 

With coronavirus going around this meme is just too true. Even if you just have something stuck in your throat everyone is on high alert when you cough. This is especially true in the workplace. Every cough needs to be justified or it’s quarantine time for you, bud!

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