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Today is National Bee Day! How are we choosing to celebrate our favorite pollinators? With some 'Bee Movie' memes, of course! Thanks, Jerry.

Celebrate National Bee Day the right way — with these ‘Bee Movie’ memes

Today we celebrate National Bee Day, where we take a moment to step aside from our concerns about being stung or chased by these black & yellow critters as we give thanks for the effort they put into our world. These pollinators are as much a part of the Earth as we are, and it is with their help that we continue to live in such a beautiful place.

That being said, nothing perhaps fears us more than sitting in a parked car and seeing a bee pop out through our air conditioning vent, as being trapped in a car with a bee is likely the most terrifying experience one can ever imagine. However, every evil has its day in the sun, and today it’s all about the bees.

So how are we going to celebrate? With some amazing memes, of course! Specifically, from Jerry Seinfeld’s 2007 Bee Movie, an animated triumph which sees bees fall in love with humans, take people to court – basically, everything that we humans do, but better. It may not be A Bugs Life or Antz, but it’s still freaking fantastic, and a perfect way to celebrate this under-appreciated holiday.  

What’s the deal with honey? 

Jerry Seinfeld isn’t for everybody, we suppose. 

Bee suicide prevention

So, since we’re all thinking about it . . . how does a bee commit suicide? Put its head against its a$$ and pull the stinger? That being said, we really wish these Bee movie memes would take suicide seriously, as the relationship between a bee and a woman kind of seriously. 

Jerry and Puddy reunite

The character also just kind of seemed drunk throughout the entirety of Bee Movie, too. 

Bee Movie refresher course

Catch up on the entire film with this quick gif!

All B’s

Subtle, Bee Movie memes . . . almost too subtle

Stinger to the heart

Love can sometimes be as simple as black & yellow. 

Bees cry too

They’re absolutely right . . . The Fault in our Stars is way overdue for a rewatch

Not a meme

We’re sorry, but this headline can NOT be ignored. 357 times? That’s a commitment for even the best movies out there. But Bee Movie

Angelina Jolbee

Look, there was no caption, Ok? We admit it. We just thought this photo was cool AF and were stung that there was no meme to back it up

Happy Bee Day! 

Just one last shoutout for all that bees do for us! Certainly more than these Bee Movie memes . . . .


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