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'Wonder Woman' actress Gal Gadot continues to make waves in the media given her odd social media posts. Here are the best memes that poke fun at her!

No more ‘Wonder Woman’: These memes want Gal Gadot to quit

Poor Gal Gadot, we really don’t know why she keeps doing this to herself? The Wonder Woman 1984 star has seemingly made two giant PR blunders in the last two years, having posted that painful video of her and a slew of celebrities singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” last year during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and now for her egregious take on the Israel & Palestine conflict. We’re hoping that she eventually learns to pass everything to her publicist first! 

However, sans a couple of major PR blunders, Gal Gadot is still our, well, gal, as her beauty & grace exemplify what a true Hollywood actress should represent, which is all class and minimal talent. Of course, we’re joking. We love the Wonder Woman star! In fact, we love her so much that we’re dedicating an entire meme article to this bad@$$ babe, who truly knows how to save even the worst of scenes Cheetah, anyone?   

Here are some of the best memes about Gal Gadot, some of which are so painful that she may very well just quit her Wonder Woman role . . . even though that’d be the worst thing ever. 

The Prince and the frog?

The mirror version of ourselves is always ugly, anyways. 

It’s becoming a pattern

Imagine there’s no heaven? We can, because Gal Gadot currently has us living in hell!

Not all heroes wear capes

We would still love to see just what exactly Wonder Woman is swinging off of, here. 

Eric Andre knows

Social media can change many perceptions in today’s world. 

Nicki Nicki

So starships really are meant to fly

Ain’t nothing sweet about it

Take the diet route from social media, Gal Gadot . . . it will do, dare we say, wonders? 

Wonder Woman 3 has its villain

Will Stan Lee cameo in the film adaption? 

Just missing Gal

Still waiting for a Guy Fieri cameo in, well, anything. 

Wonder Woman recast

Maggie Q really has stayed the same age for the last twenty years. 

Speaking of recast

It’s time with the Kermit meme to bid farewell as we welcome in the age of Gal Gadot.

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