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Forget winter. Summer is coming! Will you be skipping hot girl summer? If so, send these memes to your boyfriend and celebrate not being single.

Are you skipping hot girl summer? Send these memes to your boyfriend

Spring has sprung, folks, which means after one of the longest winters in recent memory amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hot girl summer is nearly here. Everyone’s favorite mainstream 2021 hitmaker Megan Thee Stallion coined hot girl summer, and hotties across the globe are ready to shred it up in the sunshine come June.

However, just because hot girl summer is on the way, doesn’t mean everyone’s ready. A summer of dancing & partying in the sunshine, all drenched in a tequila rainstorm isn’t every hottie’s cup of tea.

If you’re planning on skipping the fast-paced season for those about that life, you may be planning on spending some quiet time with the boyfriend, enjoying some quiet sunrises while the hotties endure the torture of a hungover morning. Check out the boyfriend memes we’ve found on Twitter for everyone who’s skipping HGS this year.

Hot girl summer

There’s a theory going around Twitter saying girl summer has a vicious seasonal counterpart. Boyfriends of those skipping hot girl summer can rejoice – without a hot girl summer, there’s no cold b*tch winter.

Some hotties will be skipping hot girl summer this year out of necessity rather than choice. If you have a baby on the way this season, you might be trading your caronita-topped marg for one of these hydrating bad boys.

Not hot

For some ladies, skipping hot girl summer means putting down the makeup and getting ready for a summer in sweats. Any hottie looking for a low-key summer with bae can relate to this cut from Twitter’s boyfriend memes.

Some girlfriends are still going to try to rip it up with the besties this summer, relationships be damned. However, as this cut from Twitter’s boyfriend memes shows, compartmentalizing is easier said than done.

For a boyfriend who’s girl is celebrating hot girl summer, perils may come as a result. Send your boyfriend this pick from Twitter’s memes and he’ll appreciate you taking it easy this summer.

Quality time

If you’re skipping hot girl summer this year, you’ll be spending way more time with bae. More time means more dates & dinners, but also the potential for some of the less-fun aspects of dating. This meme says it all.

If you’re skipping hot girl summer, you’ll be less distracted when you & bae hit the town. As this cut from Twitter’s boyfriend memes shows, boyfriends with roving eyes best stay on their toes.

Spending so much time with your boyfriend this summer might make for a painful lack of drama. In fact, you may have to create some of your own.

Finally, this cut from Twitter’s boyfriend memes tells us if you’re spending more time with bae this summer, you’ll simply have more time to lay down the law.

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