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We all love memes, but they can often run the full gamut of edginess. Here are some clean, funny memes to share with everyone!

Save these clean, funny memes to show all your friends and family

We all love memes, but they can often run the full gamut of edginess. There are memes out there for everything, from occupations, to the latest viral TV series, to eating habits, to, of course, millennial & zoomer depression. The vast array of memes is dense, but more often than not, memes are not exactly wholesome, if not downright NSFW.

What if we want to send our more sheltered friends & family memes lacking the edge of a deep-fried Twitter meme? Luckily, there are tons of wholesome clean funny memes you can share with your pals who opt for the sunnier side of life. We sifted through Twitter’s memes to find the best clean funny memes you can share with the softies in your life today. 

Dog memes

Everyone loves a good pup, which is probably why so many clean funny memes use dogs as the base for their memes. This dog meme keeps it simple: we love you, and you have all our support.

Cats & dogs might be sworn enemies in myth, but plenty of them get along IRL. The cat in this cut from Twitter’s clean funny memes is here to tell whoever you send the meme to, they have your love & affection.

Any dog owner knows pooches love to play innocent after they make a mess. The look on this little shredder’s face says it all.

The dog in this cut from Twitter’s clean funny memes shows exactly how we feel when we try to boost up our vocabulary on the daily. What? We sound like this all the time.

Epic handshake

The epic handshake is one of the internet’s most prized meme formats. Although the blueprint is often used for edgier memes, the epic handshake can easily yield great wholesome results. Gamers & muppet fans alike will have a chuckle at this version.

Clean funny memes often harp on the love & affection we get from friends & family in our community. This wholesome epic handshake meme is right on the money.

Friend memes

Speaking of community, what ties us to ours is often the love & support of our friends. This DeVito meme shows how our pals can get us to talk about anything.

Sometimes our friends just need to hear we love them. However, we don’t always have to be as aggressive as Kermit’s pal in this meme.


Finally, the two-part format often makes for the best in Twitter’s clean funny memes. This one for both Grease & Captain Phillips fans uses the two-part blueprint with finesse.

There’s no meme on our list more two-part than this pick, and for good reason. Your desktop either looks like frame one, or it looks like (no shade) frame two.

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