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Meet Florida, the Sunshine State, home of Florida Man and originator of Florida Man memes. Laugh at the craziest Florida Man memes here.

Florida Man always reigns supreme: These insane memes prove it

Meet Florida, the Sunshine State, home of Florida Man and originator of Florida Man memes. You might have heard of Florida’s reputation – in fact, you might have heard too much about it. Perhaps you find it hard to believe that a single state could be home to such concentrated weirdness. Rest assured, dear reader: it’s all true.

There’s no better way to prove Florida’s utter Florida-ness than by providing a sample of Florida Man memes. Enjoy and doubt no more!

Dark Floridus

The Jedi have their hands full with Jar Jar. If Florida Man were to pop up in the Star Wars universe, he’d definitely end up with the Sith.


Countless Florida Man memes are born out of Floridian pride. You want a Florida Man to do something for you? Tell him he’s not allowed to do it.

Semantic loopholes

To be fair, the law could be read either way. It’s one of those “letter of the law” versus “intent of the law” situations.

For Asgard

You know, this Florida Man meme was disturbing enough before we realized poor Thor is missing an eye in that picture. Cut the God of Thunder some slack and maybe go bother the Guardians of the Galaxy with this Florida nonsense.


Sounds like a season finale to us.

Not the Dragon Ball Z blanket!

There’s a lot of information to digest here. And it sounds like that’s not the only thing this Florida Man ended up digesting, according to this meme.

Fight the power

Say what you will about Florida Men (and we do!) but they prove to be resilient time & again. We wouldn’t say they’re on the level of Captain America – or any other Marvel hero – but they could probably attend tryouts for the Doom Patrol or something.


See, now we almost feel bad about all the mocking in those Florida Man memes. Almost.

It’s contagious

Did Louisiana Man catch it from Florida Man? Or is Florida Man so powerful because he absorbs the worst of every state?

It’s called sunblock

Granted, this is how people gain superpowers half the time. The other half of the time, they get cancer.

Lone Star

Be careful, Florida Man. If all reports are to be believed, Texas Man is always packing.

Dark Knight

Call us jaded, but we get the feeling Florida might be too much for Batman.

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