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A registered agent handles the legalities that come with LLCs in Florida. How can you choose a registered agent in Florida?

Consultant Joshua Cooper proves Florida Governor Rick Scott's impressive record can't make him immune to the chaotic impact of. . . the Florida Man.

After a co-worker horrifically murdered Miya Marcano, "Miya's Law" is soon about to take place in Florida. Keep reading to find out what happened to Miya.

A Florida teacher has been making the headlines for being involved in a student-teacher relationship. Is she guilty of this awful crime?

The Gabby Petito case continues to puzzle authorities. Unearth the story and see if Brian Laundrie went camping when Petito's body was found.

We’re going to talk about the unsolved murder of Star Stowe, who was murdered behind a pharmacy in Florida. Find out what happened to this woman!

Ah, Florida. You rarely make sense to the greater world. Well here is the Florida Man challenge, we've found the craziest stories out there!

A new mask mandate at Disney World has been announced following a frightening spike in COVID-19 cases. Catch up on the latest news about the theme park.

In a shocking tragedy, a part of a large condo building near Miami, Florida collapsed. What's happening and are there any survivors?