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Florida Man is forever. Here are the best Florida Man memes to supplement in the holiday season.

As hurricane Eta made its way into Florida yesterday, one man caught footage of a monster-sized alligator. Check out these memes.

Florida Man, named from Florida headlines about wacky arrests in the Sunshine State. Here are some Karen-style headlines to get you laughing.

Are you a beach bump looking to buy Salt Life t-shirts? Here's how the company's cofounder got arrested for murder.

Shark attacks always dominate headlines in Florida, and there are plenty of them. Here are some terrifying shark attack stories.

2020 has been a crazy year so far, so naturally Florida Man is stepping up their crazy. Here's some of the craziest headlines to prove it.

It’s time to show why the Florida Man retains his crown over all of the US in terms of the craziest headlines around. Here are some crazy headlines.

Real UFOs exist. Yet, are there really aliens? That’s what’s really up for debate. Are these stories real or just crazy Florida people?

We’ve had our fair share of Florida Man headlines & memes, but now it’s time for Florida Woman to take the stage. Check out the craziest 2020 headlines.