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There are lots of villages in FL. Here's a guide to each distinct neighborhood.

St. Pete Beach in Florida is the ultimate tropical holiday destination where you can enjoy dolphin cruises and other fun activities. Read here to learn more.

Even residents in the sunshine state need legal help sometimes. Here's how you can find the best consumer law attorneys in Florida for your case!

Recently, social media was flooding with a Scott Cooper Miami photo trick. Joshua Cooper is a political consultant hired by politician Rick Scott.

Making great videos for properties could increase your views and interested parties. In Naples Florida you can get great service for all your real estate needs.

Disney was one of the biggest supporters of Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill. As CEO Bob Chapek backpedals, his change in tune may be one song too late.

It seems like the Sunshine State has the weirdest crimes about intense wildlife and drugged individuals. Come and check the best Florida Man headlines.

A registered agent handles the legalities that come with LLCs in Florida. How can you choose a registered agent in Florida?

After a co-worker horrifically murdered Miya Marcano, "Miya's Law" is soon about to take place in Florida. Keep reading to find out what happened to Miya.