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Altamonte Springs is a wonderful place to live for many reasons. Here are all the pros and cons of living in Florida.

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, offers a unique lifestyle to its residents. Here's what living in Florida is like.

Midway, FL has small-town ambiance and peaceful environment which makes it an ideal place for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle. Here's why.

When it comes to getting a haircut in Kissimmee, Fl, there are plenty of options. However, not all barber shops are created equal. Some offer excellent haircuts, while

There are lots of villages in FL. Here's a guide to each distinct neighborhood.

St. Pete Beach in Florida is the ultimate tropical holiday destination where you can enjoy dolphin cruises and other fun activities. Read here to learn more.

Even residents in the sunshine state need legal help sometimes. Here's how you can find the best consumer law attorneys in Florida for your case!

Recently, social media was flooding with a Scott Cooper Miami photo trick. Joshua Cooper is a political consultant hired by politician Rick Scott.