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Florida’s colorful internet reputation i.e. “Florida Man” phenomena has created quite the stir. Here's the best Florida man and woman mugshots.

Florida Man headlines are as mindbogging as they are hilarious. How does someone manage to commit such strange crimes? Either way, we're laughing.

In these uncertain times, we should all try to be a little more like Florida Man or Woman. Here's the best Florida Man memes ever!

Ah, Florida. You rarely make sense to the greater world. Well here is the Florida Man challenge, we've found the craziest stories out there!

Meet Florida, the Sunshine State, home of Florida Man and originator of Florida Man memes. Laugh at the craziest Florida Man memes here.

Has a Florida Man become a detective? Will he ever stop his strange crimes? Solve these strange headlines and their mysteries now!

Ah, Florida Man! With endless headlines about his antics, we have endless memes to cringe at. Roar with laughter at these stories from the Sunshine State.

What happens when Florida Woman wins big? Discover one Florida woman's journey to receive what's hers!

A Florida woman lived through the grizzliest true-crime experience. Delve into the twisted actions of a Florida couple and learn how their captive escaped.