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In these uncertain times, we should all try to be a little more like Florida Man or Woman. Here's the best Florida Man memes ever!

Need a laugh? Here are the best Florida Man memes ever

Ah, Florida Man. The internet’s version of every Floridian is a combination of possible innovative genius who spent too much time inhaling bleach, or something a little more illegal. Thanks to the lenient rules around freedom of information in Florida, any and all idiots who get arrested in the state will have their exploits discussed on the internet forever. 

But in these uncertain times, we should all try to be a little more like Florida Man or Woman. Try to change our way of life to better ourselves, even if it seems counterproductive. Just also don’t do anything illegal in the process, like shaving your legs in a public pool, or not paying for the taxi ride home from jail.

What watching too much Tiger King does

No, you cannot open your own zoo. Even if Joe Exotic is an idiot and managed to run one too.

When hitchhiking doesn’t work

Maybe try carjacking in the Burger King parking lot next door next time. 

Maybe he’s got a point

Not that murder is 100% ok, but sometimes the trash needs to be taken out. 

What’s next: Santa’s not real?

That face looks like the face of someone who was the kid that told you your dog didn’t go to the farm, but was killed. 

We’re also scared of Minions

Just take out your rage against the yellow creeps on a stuffed animal, not a real person in a Minion suit. 

Coinstar is a ripoff

Coinstar is the GameStop of coin changing, offering you the bare minimum. Hope the $23 was worth it buddy. 

Pick a better shirt next time

The point of having drugs is you keep it a secret from cops, not advertise it openly. 

That’s not what we mean

Spread some kindness, but the invisible kind you can’t see, not the bloody metallic kind.

Try it out for yourself

We (and by we I mean me, the one writing this) got the story of a man pouring ketchup on his girlfriend. 

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