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Today is National Nurses Day, where we celebrate the strength and efforts of nurses everywhere! Care to celebrate with us? Check out these funny memes.

Celebrate National Nurses Day with these painfully funny memes

Today we celebrate National Nurses Day, as we acknowledge the bravery, strength, and persistence of some of our world’s bravest. Given the current global pandemic, most of our nurses have been fighting a war unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime, and it is for that reason why we wish to say thanks to nurses everywhere. 

Now, what is the best way for us to celebrate National Nurses Day? With some of the best funny memes, of course! Even nurses will acknowledge some of the hypocrisy behind their daily tasks, and we’re simply here to make light of them. Let’s just call it a, we don’t know . . . a shot in the arm wink wink

Here are some funny nurse memes that we found on Twitter! 

Simpsons always guess it right

Crying is part of every job, especially for nurses!

Date a nurse

What better person to date than someone who can bring you back to life after choking on too many hot wings? 

Why won’t they listen?

Patients are the worst. Remember . . . patients do not equal patience. Accurate portrayal, funny nurse memes. 

Word association 

To be fair, we’re not entirely sure what anybody really does at their job. 

It’s true

Nurses really should just tattoo scrubs onto their entire skin. It’s basically a part of them at some point. 

It’s like a jungle sometimes

Nurses always manage to find their wrecking crew. 

Scheduler’s suck

With nursing, you’re never “on a break”

Luck of the draw

Although we’re not positive that there’s any “easy floors” during a global pandemic. 

The freaks come out at night

Day shift people just don’t understand.


Honestly, after a global pandemic, we completely condone the idea that nurses should be given a veteran’s discount. These funny nurse memes are spot on!

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