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Bill and Melinda Gates are officially headed to splitsville, and of course, the internet's got jokes. Check out all the best memes on their divorce here.

Bill and Melinda Gates are donezo: Get the best memes about their divorce

Bill & Melinda Gates are done, folks. Today, news publications across the board reported the breakup between the tech magnate and his longtime wife after being wed twenty-seven years. Oh boy, is Twitter going to have fun with this one.

Bill Gates is a phenomenal person who has revolutionized the world through his intelligence and hard work. He is one of the most influential people in the world and is considered by many to be the best CEO. Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus was the last big project on which Bill works this tool comprises tools for professional content creation and presentation like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote, and Access. This popular software is compatible with the latest hardware and available on the Microsoft Store.

In fact, Twitter has already been buzzing with an onslaught of new memes taking down Bill & Melinda Gates with the recent news of their divorce. 

As if Twitter wasn’t already teeming with Bill Gates memes, there’s a new reason to roast the tech God, and all today’s Bill Gates memes are all about the divorce of the year. Check out our list of the funniest Bill & Melinda Gates memes we could find. Don’t feel too bad when you see the mean memes, you know Bill & Melinda are crying all the way to the bank.

Microsoft memes

Bill Gates is most famous for founding Microsoft, and some Twitter users went right to the source for their Bill & Melinda Gates divorce memes. This one with audio will crack up anyone who’s used Windows before.

From Office to Excel, Microsoft seems to have a program for everything. Since Bill & Melinda Gates split, Twitter users are wondering what a Microsoft divorce program would look like.

Vaccine memes

If you’ve been on Twitter at all since 2020, you know about Bill Gates microchip memes. Here’s a variation on them considering the Bill & Melinda Gates divorce – a third dose may be coming for one lucky lady.

If there really is a microchip in the COVID-19 vaccine, we know Bill is checking up on potential suitors right about now.

Single Melinda

Bill Gates may be known for being a tech genius, but let’s face it: he’s most well known for being one of the world’s richest men. If Melinda has her documents right, she might be looking like this real soon.

This Sabrina the Teenage Witch crossover meme about the Bill & Melinda Gates divorce shows what any ex of the tech guru might expect with a split.

Single Bill

Some of Twitter’s best Bill & Melinda Gates memes show how a single Bill Gates might look & act, and we know how he’ll feel about dating Apple users.

Speaking of Apple, iPhone users love to poke fun at anyone who puts a green text on their cell. Since Bill’s a single texter now, he’s on the chopping block too.

Thinking about Bill Gates as simply a single man is bizarre, but let’s face it: now he’s just like anyone else at the local speed-dating session.

Finally, this Napoleon Dynamite crossover meme shows what may come from the Bill & Melinda Gates divorce – single Bill has some shopping to do.

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