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In her first interview since their split, Melinda Gates finally disclosed why she divorced Bill Gates. His relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is revealed.

It’s official: the divorce of billionaire duo Bill and Melinda Gates has finally been approved, but now what will become of the successful Gates Foundation?

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Did Bill Gates have multiple affairs with Microsoft employees before Melinda filed for divorce? Dive into these resurfacing allegations right now!

Bill and Melinda Gates have officially called it quits on their relationship, but could sex offender Jeffrey Epstein be the reason why? Find out here.

Bill Gates is officially divorcing wife Melinda Gates, but could an ex lover have anything to do with it? Peek into him and his ex's getaway home here.

Now that Bill Gates and his wife are over, people are wondering what happened. Could it be infidelity? Find out some shocking details about them here.

Bill and Melinda Gates are officially headed to splitsville, and of course, the internet's got jokes. Check out all the best memes on their divorce here.