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Have a crush you're looking to impress? Aren't we all! Try sending them some of these amazing flirt memes to win their heart . . . they'll love them.

Get your flirt on by sending your crush these sensual memes

Are memes the new love language? Memes are kind of the language for everything these days. In 2021, there’s no better way to get your point across than by utilizing the perfect dank meme. So why should flirting be any different?

Giving your crush a good hint to how you feel about them can be mighty tough sometimes. How do we let our crush know we’re into them without coming on too strong? If you look in your heart, you’ll see the answer is right in front of you: use dank memes.

We’ve scoured Twitter to find the best flirt memes to send your crush to give them a solid hint as to how you’re feeling.

Flirt memes

Sometimes the most subtle way to flirt with your crush via memes is by sending them memes about flirting. You’ll each have a chuckle and an easy segue conversation starter. So how do you flirt, anyway?

This cut from Twitter’s flirt memes shows the importance of persistence. Just make sure you don’t let your anger show like Mr. Penguin here.

This DBZ flirt meme is a good way to tell your crush you don’t know how to flirt at all. Maybe they can teach you . . .

Cute memes

When you’re ready to use some of Twitter’s flirt memes as an actual voice for flirting, make sure to start with the cute stuff. Cuddly animals are always a good way to go.

Here’s a perfect Gosling meme for your PR crush. Simple, to the point, and through the voice of everyone’s collective crush.

If you’re going to hit on your crush with one of Twitter’s flirt memes, start out with something perfectly cute like this. Hey, it’d work on us.

Laying it on thick

Whether the method works or not, people have been cutting right to the chase with their crushes for centuries. In 2021, using a (ahem) forward pick like this one from Twitter’s flirt memes is simply a high-risk, high-reward situation.

Using this cut from Twitter’s flirt memes could be seen as flirting – or an obscenity crime depending where you are. If you choose to use this one, we wish you the best of luck.

This flirt meme is sort of a softer sister piece to the last meme mentioned. Send this to your crush and you’ll find out immediately if you both share the same sense of humor.

Finally, this may be a cut from Twitter’s flirt memes, but it’s also got to be one of the most ancient pickup lines to exist in meme form. We suppose classics are classics for a reason.

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