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We’ve dug through the backlog of Twitter to find the web’s Baby Yoda memes. Celebrate the adorable 'The Mandalorian' icon now.

Remember the internet’s favorite pet with these iconic Baby Yoda memes

Has it already been too long? Has the tidal wave of nonstop news & pop culture pushed him out of your packed brain already? Do you remember . . . Baby Yoda?

The Mandalorian dropped in November 2019, but nothing became of our little green friend on a grand scale until the special time of early lockdown in March 2020. By mid 2020, Baby Yoda memes ripped the internet asunder with every reaction iteration the little alien could present. 

We’ve dug through the backlog of Twitter to find the web’s Baby Yoda memes to jog your memory. That way, you can remember why the cute little Star Wars icon once held all our hearts. Check out what we’ve uncovered below.

For kids

Baby Yoda was the meme everyone could relate to, from the youngest kid to the oldest geezer. Perhaps Baby Yoda’s versatility is why so many used Baby Yoda memes to harken back to simpler times. This one presents the simple joy of leaving Mickey Dees.

Sometimes, we felt like Baby Yoda around Mom as a kid. However, when we could do something Mom couldn’t we felt straight hulked out.

When we were kids, soda had a more severe effect on us. This cut from Twitter’s Baby Yoda memes says it all.

Spiders were super scary when we were youngsters, especially when we were heading into the shower. Yeah, as adults, we don’t relate to this meme at all . . . .

For adults

Baby Yoda was the perfect subject for memes about childhood, but the little guy also captured the innocent attitudes we carry into adulthood. This cut from Twitter’s Baby Yoda memes presents exactly what it’s like when we get caught at work.

If you have a suspended license, it’s not a good idea to drive. As this meme shows, however, sometimes we make the wrong move and put on a Baby Yoda face.

As adults, we’re allowed to do whatever we want. However, when we’re caught acting a fool in the middle of the night, we don’t necessarily want others to see us.

As the years go by, our friendships require helping out our pals with more & more serious stuff. Sometimes when we have nothing helpful to say, we feel as tiny as little Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda love

Finally, some Baby Yoda memes don’t tell us anything except we are enthralled with the little alien meme God. This Michael Scott Baby Yoda meme says it all.

This cut from Twitter’s Baby Yoda memes may be the ultimate meme showing Baby Yoda love; when it comes to Yoda, we say, “out with the old, and in with the new”. 

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