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'The Mandalorian' season 2 finale has been released and people are have some pretty strong reactions. Flood the group chat with these Baby Yoda gifs.

Celebrate ‘The Mandalorian’ season finale with the best Baby Yoda gifs

The Mandalorian finished its solid second season today. While we won’t get into details about that finale, we do want to salute the Master of Adorable, the Sultan of Cute, the Owner of All Souls, Baby Yoda! Yes, his name is Grogu. And, oh boy, that’s certainly a name, huh? But the world knows and loves him as Baby Yoda, so Baby Yoda he shall remain for time immemorial.

After you finish the finale of The Mandalorian, then you definitely need some Baby Yoda gifs pre-loaded into your phone for the group chat. Lucky for you all, here are eight excellent Baby Yoda gifs from across season 2 of The Mandalorian that you can use or just laugh at because Baby Yoda is both feral and adorable. You must stan him. The Force compels you to.

1. Hide!

Baby Yoda immediately knows what to do in a situation when things get tough. He hits the button and hides in his floating stroller. That thing looks like it could survive a nuclear bomb, so he’s definitely pretty safe in there. Good news! The gif will accurately convey when you want to hide from the drama. After all, ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense.

2. Enjoy the breeze, baby

Look at Baby Yoda! The wind is in his adorable ears. He’s smiling. He’s enjoying the ride. Life is a highway after all. Whether this may lead to the highway to hell, we can’t say, but just enjoy it while you can. Look at the smile! Do you want to deny that face anything?

3. Pot peering

Baby Yoda hides and hides well. Look at his face peering over the edge of the pot. Tell me that isn’t the most adorable thing ever? And it could also be you, peering over to make sure that everyone has calmed down OR to see if anyone is in the group chat. This is a multi-purpose Baby Yoda gif after all!

4. No! 

Baby Yoda, like many infants, or small children, or adults that like shiny things, he gets distracted pretty easily. Good thing that Mando is there to make sure he doesn’t get hurt doing so. Though, clearly, Baby Yoda doesn’t like that too much. He does not understand such things like “no” or “don’t eat the frog eggs”. 

5. Don’t eat the frog eggs! Seriously. 

Speaking of frog eggs, this is one of the many moments that left people thinking that Baby Yoda was genocidal. Yes. That was a fight going around the internet. Welcome to 2020, everyone. But without seeing Mando’s face, you can feel the utter done-ness in every inch of his being. He’s so relatable like that, bless him.

6. Right in the face too

Life (and 2020) comes at you fast. Even Baby Yoda isn’t immune to it. Of course, this case is some kind of octopus creature trying to do its best face-hugger impression. This isn’t Alien though, so Baby Yoda is fine. But the gif is just perfection when the world just wants to metaphorical throw an octopus in your face.

It just be like that sometimes after all.

7. Anyone else wish they could get snacks like this? 

This definitely feels like a take on “come to the dark side, we have cookies”, but Baby Yoda wants a snack and he has the Force. What else to do but quench his hunger by stealing cookies from another student at the school that he’s somehow attending? 

8. Drunk girls at the club be like

Baby Yoda truly gets the universal experience of having way too much and then instantly regretting it. Baby Yoda knows all. 

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