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Oreo has been known to create some odd flavors over the years, but we really need to talk about just how many weird ingredients they've tried to use.

They put in what? The most disgusting Oreo ingredients over the years

We all know Oreo as the cookies that sparked the divisive “twist or dunk” debate back in the day. One group claims that the sandwich cookie is best eaten when the two halves are separated, the filling licked out and then dunked in milk. On the other hand, the other group thinks this butchering of the sandwich cookie is atrocious and that it should instead be dunked directly.

Oreo cookies are both classic & popular across the world. They’ve inspired many dessert recipes, shakes, and other treats. The American sandwich cookie with a sweet cream filling changes its color regularly. We actually mean this literally because Oreo is increasingly catching public attention with its experimental & zany flavors. 

We understand experimentation just as well as the next person, but even the most open-minded foodies will admit: some flavors the cookie company has manufactured have seemed downright atrocious. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the most disgusting Oreo ingredients & variants over the years.

Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo

It tastes just as horrible as it sounds. First of all, the premise of this cookie defies all logic: a spicy cookie isn’t a cookie at all. What a travesty! Secondly, the flavor profiles hail from different universes. They just don’t mix together. They’re not Ross & Rachel, stop trying to make them happen. 

We like our cinnamon in the spiced hot chocolates & pumpkin lattes, thank you very much. It has no business in the land of the vanilla cookie. Honestly, no one equates Oreo cookies with the fall aesthetic, not even Taylor Swift.

Pumpkin Spice Oreo

Talking of mixing the wrong flavors for the season, Oreo once tried to don the classic autumnal personality of pumpkins too. Among the things that come in pumpkin spice flavor, Oreos are possibly the last thing we’d be trying.

Danielle Brown, Brand Manager at Mondelēz International shared at the time of its release back in 2014, “We knew there was a strong demand for all things pumpkin-flavored as fall approaches, so we wanted to create our own twist on this classic seasonal favorite.”

Blueberry Pie Oreo

We’d kill for a good blueberry pie, but there’s a compelling reason it had a very, very short life on the shelves in the supermarkets. The personality of the blueberry pie didn’t fit the design of an Oreo cookie. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

Candy Corn Oreo

We feel like putting a question mark against the name itself, because why would the Halloween-themed candy corn be tempting for anyone? They’re too sweet for their own good. Candy corn doesn’t come with great testimonials, either. Candy Corn Oreo seems so whimsical that people had a hard time even believing that it was a real thing. 

Root Beer Oreo

You want something outlandish? Here’s the Root Beer Oreo, which actually barely registers the flavor of root beer. Someone tell the makers ain’t no one want to ruin the traditional root beer float with a cookie. No one wants to ruin the idea of Oreos either.

Marshmallow Crispy Oreo

We love rice krispies, the crunchy, crisped, and hollowed rice treats are exactly that: a treat. But not all junk foods belong in pairs, certainly not rice krispies & Oreos. To think that there was marshmallow involved too . . . some things are better left unknown.

Watermelon Oreo

Who sat one day & thought, “What if we combined one of the healthiest breakfast foods & one of the most popular junk foods?” Fruits in Oreos don’t work, we’ve also seen in the variant Fruit Punch Oreos. At the time of launch, Oreo spokesperson Kimberly Fontes was quoted as saying, “We chose Watermelon because it is a fun, summer flavor that goes great with the Golden Oreo cookie.”

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