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These spooky Halloween jokes will have you howling like a werewolf

When night falls, look to the waxing moon and you’ll see – the Halloween full moon is almost upon us. This year, Halloween will be a special kind of spooky. Not only because 2020 has proven to be a horror show already – because for the first time in over seventy years, there will be a Blue Moon (or Harvest Moon) in the sky on October 31st. 

Sure, Halloween plans will be trickier during a pandemic, but there’s still reason to celebrate with all of the spooky season festivity we can muster. So pick a scary movie, wear a rad costume, and find joy in the little pleasures Halloween has to offer.

Speaking of joy, don’t fight the urge to smile & laugh when seasonal jokes emerge from the shadows. Eat lots of Halloween candy and have a sugar-high blast as you share these spirited Halloween jokes with your friends. 👻 We hope they light up your night as bright as a jack-o-lantern. 🎃

Good gourd, that’s punny!

Classic pumpkin jokes are always welcome in fall. Whether you’re eating, carving, or smashing them, pumpkins are a Halloween staple

Witch which can’t spell? 

This is why writers are magical – we’re great at spelling. 

Monster fitness

If a monster gets too chubby how can they fit under beds? They better shape up for spooky season. 

What’s your monster sign?

It kind of makes sense that monsters would track their moon charts too, no? Especially werewolves. They’ve gotta be into astrology. 

My spooky pony

We just can’t stop horsing around with these clever puns.

Put some bone on those bones 

Poor skeletons – food just goes right through them. And they definitely can’t hold their liquor.

Spiders can dress up too

Think about those hairy legs – spiders are basically walking around on dreadlocks. 

Witches have sick rides

Who knew witches were so car savvy? But perhaps their vehicle is a little too archaic though. 

Sweeping sisters

Do you think witches are extra clean because they always have their brooms with them? If so, can they move into our apartment? 

Pumpkin perfume

Wouldn’t it be nifty if your pumpkins came pre-spiced? You could just throw it in the oven and have instant pumpkin pie. Time to spruce up, pumpkins

That’s a wrap

This pun is just too cute – it’s worth the chuckles. 

You tell us – are these jokes horror-able, or what? 

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