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Make everyone nervous that you're following behind them this Halloween with an 'Among Us' inspired costume.

Want to look sus on Halloween? Try these ‘Among Us’ inspired costumes

Don’t choose to be the stereotypical cat, witch, or vampire this Halloween. Instead, feed your ideas with these unique Among Us costumes, and be inspired to go above & beyond. 

If you’re worried that no one will know what your costume is, remember how insanely popular Among Us has become. The cherished social deduction game has had over 86 million mobile downloads and is consistently streamed on Twitch & YouTube by legends such as Sodapopping, Pewdiepie, and Ninja. We’re certain someone will recognize you. 

Just look at how many people have already thought up creative ways to cosplay their favorite Among Us character looks.  

Coolest cosplays ever

The dedication to this Among Us costume is amazing! To those few souls out there who haven’t played Among Us, they may just look like colorful astronauts with motorbike helmets. But to us, they’re straight out of the video game. 


Do you have a hoodie and a COVID-19 mask? You can become an Among Us player lickety split! This costume gets an A for ingenuity and an F for functionality. You can’t really see anything if you try this – might make walking difficult.

Toiletry accessory

This costume seems to be like the one above, except a little more accessorized. The toilet paper hat is definitely a winner.


This orange Among Us character costume looks ready for the rodeo. 

I didn’t do it!

If you can’t get your hands on a helmet, these nifty eye-goggles do the trick. With her electric zip-up suit, she’ll blend right in with the Among Us crew. (Even if she’s the murderous impostor.)

DIY astronaut helmet

If you’re an arts & crafts enthusiast, this papier-mâché astronaut helmet looks like a blast to make. It’ll definitely take some time to get just right, but it might be a better option than your classic motorbike helmet. 

Cheap but complex 

Are you ready to give your Among Us costume all you’ve got? Here’s a detailed step-by-step DIY costume that’ll turn out awesome if you’ve got the time to devote to it.

Cartoony lewk  

This Among Us costume accentuates the cartoonish look of the little characters. The helmets are XL, which gives you some space to breathe! Good luck with this one though – the crafting process looks rather daunting.

Get the crew together

The best way to have an Among Us Halloween is to pose with your crewmates. (That is if COVID-19 safety regulations allow it!) If people don’t all have helmets, you can always just make cardboard cutouts of their face screen, like they did in this photo.

Pumpkin players

Not in the mood to dress up yourself this year? Why not dress up a pumpkin? If you’re crazy about Among Us, paint, decorate, or carve your pumpkins to get in the geeky fall spirit. They’re bound to make people smile. 

Still not interested in dressing up as an Among Us character? Why not let your Among Us character dress up in game? Users can now unlock free Halloween costumes on PC & mobile. Festive Christmas looks are also available to Among Us players.

Embrace your holiday spirit! 

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