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Looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume for this year? We have some suggestions for simple and fun outfits you can put together.

Get spooky with it: The best quick Halloween costume ideas for 2020

Sure, lots of people are saying that Halloween won’t be a thing this year. But 2020 has already squashed our dreams in so many ways. Why not take back Halloween and celebrate anyway with a dope Halloween costume? Just buy some candy, binge some scary movies, and flaunt your stuff in a costume that’s festive & fly. 

It is true, however, that Halloween costumes can be a total pain in the butt. It’s not only hard to decide what to dress up as – it’s hard to put the whole getup together. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered a list of some awesome Halloween costumes that are quick & easy. 

Also – our ideas won’t let you settle for something sucky. If you’re going for something a little bit more creative than a witch, vampire, or cat – hopefully one of these costume ideas will strike your fancy. Don’t let a time constraint make your costume basic.

Pokémon Trainer

Are you a fan of Pokémon? Is it your dream to become a Pokémon master? This Halloween is your chance to show off your inner nerd. Ash Ketchum, Brock, Misty, May – there are so many different Pokémon trainers with iconic looks. 

If you have a hat, some cut-off gloves, and a makeshift pokéball, you could just be yourself as a generic Pokémon trainer. There are so many ways to throw together a costume as a Pokémon trainer – have fun with it!

Joe Exotic & Carole Baskin

Is this not the best idea you’ve ever heard? Tiger King was all the rage earlier this year. Who wouldn’t want to be one of these kooky characters? Their looks wouldn’t be too hard to replicate either. All you’d have to do is find a trashy cowboy outfit and a tiger-print hippy outfit & you’d be set. 

Full disclosure – Yandy (the online clothing retailer infamous for selling skimpy Halloween costumes) has also made a version of a Joe Exotic costume called the “Tiger Queen.” But if you’re trying not to be totally skanky, we encourage you to just make your own. (It’s way cheaper that way, anyway.) Anyone who sees you in this getup will roar with laughter. 

Bob Ross

Bob Ross – the most peaceful, loving artist that ever was. If Bob Ross can’t make you smile, then no one can. Though he passed long ago, his memory lives on. Episodes of his wonderful TV show The Joy of Painting can still be streamed on YouTube and Twitch. But enough about how much we love him – why not try and be him?

All you need is an afro wig, some jeans, a button-up, & a paintbrush. Easy peasy. If you’re looking for a partner costume, it’s a super fun idea to have a painting as a costume companion.

Betty & Veronica

Characters from Riverdale have very distinct looks. Betty & Veronica, for example, have very particular fashion styles. Betty in pink with her high pony-tail, Veronica in black with her bougie dresses. Dressing up as these two would be super easy. If you don’t already have clothes that they’d wear in your closet, all you’d have to do is take a quick trip to Target.

Other characters from Riverdale would also be a viable option. Archie & Jughead would be great costumes to add to the crew. Imagine rolling into a Halloween party with the whole Riverdale posse. Wouldn’t that be rad?

Men in Black

Do you have a suit? Do you have sunglasses? You’re already set to dress up as an agent from the classic science fiction film series Men in Black. Rolling in as a suave agent would be a total throwback for anyone with movie taste. 

If you want to make your costume even more of a hit, throw in a stuffed animal pug or some kind of cool Men in Black gadget. Extra props are always a plus. Try this costume on for size.

Where’s Waldo

This costume is easy as pie. A striped red & white shirt, a matching beanie, jeans, & glasses. If you already wear glasses then you’re practically there already! An extra bonus – you can activate your Where’s Waldo powers if you want to disappear and blend into the crowd.


Time to save Hyrule! It doesn’t matter what gender you are or what color you choose – you can be Link from any Legend of Zelda game. All you need is an oversized T-shirt (traditionally green), a belt, & a long pointy hat. If you want to throw in some pointy elf ears & a sword, you’re going above & beyond. 


Do you enjoy getting crazy with your DIY projects? Try throwing some fabric together to make a fruit costume. You could be a pineapple, orange, strawberry, banana, kiwi, watermelon, grapes – you name it. Pick your favorite fruit and try it out. It’ll be way easier than you think.

Rosy the Riveter

Girl power! This clever costume screams “We can do it!” The iconic symbol of woman power is actually super easy to capture. Do you have jeans & a jean shirt? Do you have a red bandana? Flex those muscles and boom. You’re done.


It’s Mario time! Who hasn’t heard of Nintendo symbol Mario? Get some jean overalls, a red hat & shirt – add some special touches and you’re there. Pretty much any of the characters from the Mario video game franchise would be a great pick for this Halloween. Mario, Peach, Luigi, Toad – you’ll love being one of these quirky cartoon characters. 

We hope you enjoy your costume and have a very happy Halloween! 🎃 👻

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  • Thank you for sharing the best costumes for Halloween. I prefer to choose the fruit costume as it is simpler to wear.

    October 15, 2020

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