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Still need your 'Tiger King' fix? Roar with laughter at the very best 'Tiger King' memes and relive all the zany moments in the docuseries.

Here are the very best ‘Tiger King’ memes to cheer you up

The best part of the pandemic early on was Tiger King, Netflix’s original true crime docuseries brought the country together to either love or hate this undeniably wacky show. It became an overnight sensation for Netflix, spawning two scripted series, and is reportedly getting a second season. 

While Tiger King has nearly faded from our minds, that doesn’t mean we can’t use some of the show’s best memes to cheer us up in this unbearable time. 

Stefon would hang out here

Not only does Saturday Night Live’s Stefon provide an excellent description of what this show is about, but we can also kind of see him hanging out at the G.W Exotic Animal Park. Stefon is the perfect misfit to fit in with the cast. 

Bad roommates

We don’t think this is only for quarantining – this just applies to life. And if you never had a bad roommate in your life, well, lucky you. 

Pizza rolls

Pizza rolls just hit differently in the oven. Steve Erwin is definitely the oven in this example.  

COVID ruined plans

Joe Exotic helped brighten our year for a brief moment. This line from the show sums up what 2020 did to many of our plans this year. 

High electric bills

Moms worry about their children’s safety. Dads worry about how high the electric bill is. Whether it’s leaving the lights on or a window open while the air conditioning’s on, dads will never stop reminding us about the electricity bill.  

Magic genie

Exotic definitely granted all our wishes for the end of the boredom during quarantines. Do you think rednecks wish for more Mountain Dew as one of their wishes?

Social distance

John Finaly’s teeth might not be the standard, but they’re definitely the social distancing model. Please remember to stay six feet apart and always wear your mask. 

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