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Cinco De Mayo is almost upon us, which means margaritas and guacamole for all! Celebrate this holiday's odd yet exciting traditions with these memes.

Cinco de Mayo: Start the celebration early by laughing at these memes

Cinco de Mayo is almost upon us: a day for margaritas, tacos, enchiladas, pinatas, sombreros, and really good guacamole. It is a day cherished by many as we celebrate & commemorate Mexico’s victory over the French during the 1862 battle of Puebla. Of course, most choose to look past that little detail and go straight to the happy hour! 

Perhaps the best way to get a head start on celebrating Cinco De Mayo sorry Star Wars/May the fourth fans is to check out some of the best memes on Twitter, all of which beautifully capture the hypocrisy behind some of today’s modern Cinco De Mayo traditions. Are you one of the dummies who knows nothing about Cinco De Mayo except for the trademark traditions of this special day for many? It’s OK . . . you’re not alone. 

Double-barrelled holiday

Honestly, just be a normal person and prefer Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! 

The obligatory sombrero

Make a killer guac and we’ll take our shirts off, too! 

Here come the memes

White people on Cinco De Mayo are the worst, right? It’s proven in these Cinco De Mayo memes!  

Cinco De Mutto

Remember . . . there’s no calories on holidays. 

Back to white people

It’s OK, though. White people keep Party City in business! 

Remember what we said about Party City . . . ?

The reason why the back of every menu at a Mexican Restaurant has a burger option. 

A wonderful awful idea

Aren’t you supposed to call out the day after Cinco De Mayo? Get it right, memes. 

Taco chains

If you’re not ordering at least three Taco Bell menu items then you’re not doing it right. 

May the fourth

Would you prefer a lightsaber in your hand or a cold margarita? 

Tacos for all

Not even these Cinco De Mayo memes can escape the obligatory Oprah Winfrey “You get a car” moment. 


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