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In the age of Marvel mania and DC delerium, we thought it best to look back at the humble origins of these silver screen titans by looking at

Here are some of the best summer blockbusters from the last ten years. We have a feeling you’ll recognize one or two.

Although 'Wonder Woman 2' won’t be dropping until 2019, Warner Bros. Pictures has already roused our inner warriors with the release of some first-look production photos. With this

Stunt moves are arguably the most difficult (and definitely the most dangerous) part of the movie making process. Here are the best actresses-turned-stuntwomen who have been kicking some

Take a look at almost any classic Hollywood movie. Most will follow the model known as The Hero’s Journey – a twelve-step monomyth concept originally presented by Joseph

The Wonder Woman costume is a huge deal and has been the center of various controversies and high praise since the 70s when the comic book hero first

Production has started on the highly anticipated 'Wonder Woman 1984' – that’s right boys and girls, it’s set in the ‘80’s! – and because Warner Bros. has exactly

In light of the many conversations discussing women in the entertainment industry, here are ten fierce female filmmakers we’d love to see making their own big-budget films.

We’re not even into summer yet and already the multiplexes are teeming with superhero movies. Their popularity is undeniable. Superhero movies have become our new cinematic mythology. But